Adventure Event: Aniyuma - The Legend of the Dragon Trio

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  1. by Arlan89 and Hasorko

    A hero was born today. The Dragon Essence was
    saved and the world feels hope again. EEJester
    could make it through the depth of Iskierka's prison,
    after our great knights arranged the bridge.

    More is about to come. Arista's Essence is saved,
    but this is not enough to revive him. The elder has
    now to study the next steps to revive Arista. So
    the heros which fought for us can reutrn home
    to there families for a while and get some rest.
    But soon we shall call for them again!

    Our heros shall be honored as well.
    All of them showed how brave they are
    and some reached the hidden secrets of
    Iskierka's Prison and shall be awarded for

    An award ceremony shall be done
    for our great heroes. Date and time
    will be given ASAP. If you cannot attend
    the ceremony, you will get more infos via
    conversation. Till then take a good rest.
    And prepare for future challenges!

    Arlan89 and I want to thank everybody, for those fun 10 hours.
    We enjoyed it alot and hope that every single one of you if winner or not still had fun :)! We were very surprised how hard the EMC community worked to get this done. So our first estimations of how long it will take got completly blown! Thanks

    Please read the whole thread carefully, since it will explain all the rules. If you don't follow the rules, you will be banned from the event without much warning.

    Will you be the hero to recover Arista's Essence? Will you be the one to conquer all of Iskierka's challenges? Can you save our world from chaos and destruction? Prepare yourself for an adventure that will soon unfold, a quest for the first steps of Arista's revival!

    What exactly is Iskierka's Prison? Iskierka's Prison is the first challenge in a row of upcoming events. The goal of these events is to find a way through the prison, to reach Arista's Essence.

    Where is Aniyuma, and the Prison of Iskierka?

    Aniyuma is on lot 6727 on SMP3. The Prison is across the street.

    When does it start?

    The event already ended, due to some special player, who really gave it there best shot and got through it already. But dont worry we will provide more challenges as soon as possible :).

    What do I do?

    The event is split in two parts. For the first part, players must raise the bridge to the middle isle of the nether prison. Some hints can be found on the top level of Aniyuma. Once the bridge has been raised, players will have access to the second part of the event. The goal of the second part is simply to make it through to the end of the prison.

    We recognize that it is possible to reach the idle without raising the bridge, but doing so will not win you anything at all, as you can't access the prison through any other means.

    How do I win?

    If you get to a point where you've won, you will find a code on a sign. This code must be sent in a private message to Hasorko as soon as possible. Additionally, the lever by the sign must be activated (a lever is always nearby, in the first part). Only the final prize does not have a lever close by. You are able to find more than one code, but doing so will not increase the prize you receive (except for the final code, which will obviously give you the better prize). So, once you find a code, you will be forced to teleport out of the prison. Then you can chill and wait or go in again for another lever to get the bridge done faster.

    What do I win?

    There are 24 normal codes -> you win a drawn signature image by Amadai with the title "Knight of Aniyuma".

    There is one final code at the end of the prison -> you win a drawn signature image by Amadai with the title "Hero of Aniyuma". On demand even a little customized for the winner.

    Maybe some ingame prizes will be added depending on donations. But this is not the focus here.

    Donations: You can donate to the prize pool. Accepted are Rupees (please pay to "Rnhrd"), Enchanted Items (I would appreciate Armor and Weapons since they seem to fit a "hero", but everything goes), Diamonds and Potions. Item donations can only be done, when I'm online or by telling me via private message, so I set up a chest.


    Twitch1: 10.000r

    D1223m: 5.000r + items

    PThagaard: 50.000r

    Zabriel: 10.000r + items

    Michael_Nolan: 5000r

    Biscuitboy5396: 10.000

    An Anonymous Player: 65.000r

    extra info's:

    - the event will take several days until someone gets through it (I suppose). So dont worry if you cant be there at the starting time
    - there actually will be 26 winners + final winner, also there are only 24 + 1 code. This is due to the fact, that 2 codes are just reachable as a team of 2 people. Therefore BOTH get to win. You will find a special sign on those levers! :)

    Greetz Hasorko & Arlan89 (right hand)
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  2. This is something that Hasorko has put a lot of time and effort into creating, congrats! He has been coordinating with Amadai to host this event for some time. I am excited about it, and I am also excited to see how this goes, and if it is something the community likes and would like more of.

    Lots of pictures and videos would be awesome!
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  3. Cheater.
  4. Neat Idea Harasko :)This is gonna be EPIC! :p
  5. Get excited everyone! This event is going to be SO MUCH FUN
  6. Cool maybe now I can get my adventure spirit in Minecraft.God job sounds like you put a lot of work into this I hope people enjoy it and you bring more of these to EMC in the near future.;) And you also did really good making the story I like it :D.You sir have a very creative mind you could be a good fictional writer and that's the truth.;)
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  7. This sounds like good fun :D

    Awesome video by the way!
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  8. i'll donate 4000r
  9. Let everyone press buttons, Use speed potions. race to code and destroy b4 any1 else sees :3

  10. Wait. Friday or the 8th?
    (Which is thursday unless I am having a serious brain fart right now.)
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  11. Blah I'll be in school.. ):
  12. Once you use the lever. You are liked caged in the part together with the code. This means nobody will be able to steal your code. Also you can't find a code twice. So dont worry. :)

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  13. I don't know why, but I want to win. :D
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  14. Cool. Friday I might be able to be there. Is there an estimate how much time we should plan in?
  15. On a closer look. Are you sure you got the timezones right?
    Like for example isn't there a 3h difference between EST and PST? The others seem off too.
  16. Guys another info. It will probably take several days, until it is finished dont worry. It has a pretty high difficulty level. The basic idea isnt all new. But it is in a dimension you probably havent seen with very much extras. Possible feature event will be total different so if for some reason u dont like this one ;) there will be more.
  17. Why arent you a moderator anymore?
  18. EST is -5 and PST is -7 going from 5 pm what is GMT it is 12 Noon and 10 am. CET is +1 so 6 pm