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  1. For those that don't know what Dystopia is, it is a server world meant to slaughter you. Here, I (and those that want more than I say) give their two cents to Dystopia.

    The Creeper :
    A menace if it creeps on you. Now, in dystopia, it is crazy sneaky! The dystopian creeper is invisible until near a player, and will turn back invisible if leaves the radius. Also, creepers in dystopia are SILENT. This means the player will never know what came when he gets blown up by a creeper.

    The Skeleton :
    Simple nuff. When Dystopiatised, it is a wither skeleton instead! Also, when a player is within a 5 block radius, it switches to an iron sword! A skeleton is now very deadly.

    The Zombie :
    Zombies infect, right? Now, when hit by a zombie, you take no knock back and recive slowness IV (1s), jump boost 256 (to prevent jumping) (1s), and wither III (5s). They really eat your brains!

    The Spider :
    Spider-Man! Spider-Man! He will hit you and your stuck! Spiders in dystopia make a web that exists for a short amount of time when you get hit, and are the cave style! Get stuck, get poison, get killed!

    Post what the Ender Men should do!
  2. I like it... now we only need dytopia
  3. DISCLAIMER: Dystopia is a long ways off still. Just so everyone remembers it is part of a VERY long-term road map.
  4. waitwut there was actually plans for a dystopia???!?
  5. Cool ideas, but I also think there should be some really annoying skeletons with their arrows that always keep shooting you away, just like now >.<

  6. Lol
  7. Is this going to be a normal server with much harder conditions? By that I mean is there a town for residences and you can even make an outpost in the Dystopia frontier?
  8. Idk.
  9. I would prefer if the mobs you suggested were different mobs.
    • Enhanced Creeper
    • Enhanced Zombie
    • Enhanced Spider
    • Enhanced Skeleton
  10. This was actually suggested a while ago and they said they were going to start on it or had plans for it or something like that, it was 2 years ago or something
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  12. Sounds great! Maybe a 25% chance of having an enhanced mob instead! Nice idea.
  13. RIP wither skull prices.
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  14. Difficuty of skeletons increased, so it will be hard to kill hem in the first place!
  15. Or they could just not drop Wither Skulls?
  16. Very possible.
  17. Nu ;_;
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  18. Compromise... lowered drop rates of wither skeleton skulls.
  19. What I'm saying is since these are different mobs, perhaps they could have unique drops. "Enhanced Skeletons" can drop for instance, a Wither Shard which when you get nine can create a Nether Chunk, and when you collect nine of those you can make a Nether Star, which can be used to create unique armor. I dunno, I'm thinking RPG in Dystopia.
  20. I like the idea!