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Create a forum for auctions without restricted quantity? (Please read the suggestion first.)

Yes 5 vote(s) 20.8%
No 12 vote(s) 50.0%
There is a better (different) solution of the problem (please describe) 7 vote(s) 29.2%
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  1. The "Community Auctions" forum is designed for "large bulk transactions" - auctions with quantity restricted to exactly one full double chest (except for enchanted items). IMO this is not a natural (logical) restriction. It ignores the fact that there is a huge difference between value of different materials - for example 54 stacks of dirt (about 50r) and 54 stacks of emerald ore (more than 900k) .

    This makes practically impossible to put more expansive materials to auction and also excludes buyers with lower budget who would bid for more expensive materials if the quantity would not be that high.

    I suggest to simply add a second forum "Miscellaneous auctions" (or something like that) with the same rules as for community auctions, but without limitation of quantity. Perhaps there could be "reasonable quantity" mentioned in the rules, but IMO it is not necessary.

    Thank you,
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  2. Hmmm sounds ok but could need tweaking so I voted for There is a better...
  3. There would be too much confusion with the system.
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  4. I don't use auctions, I feel like they just spam the forums, but why would anyone pay for dirt? Most people give dirt away for free since you can get as much as you want digging out a res and then resetting it or whatever. I've seen people sell miscellaneous items though.
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  5. Also who has the ability to get a double chest of diamond ore or any ore of that matter, if they cant afford the price they shouldnt buy it, auctions always get more than its worth.
  6. can you please describe?

    Can you please describe what could / would be confusing?
  7. They would have to check if its a misc. Auction or a regular one, and then remember the rules for both.
  8. A bit like others said some people may abuse it and it could be twisted, I dont know but others may. It will get confusing, and pressure on mods to check more auction threads
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  9. This is very vague. You can abuse about everything, this isn't really a valid argument.

    I don't think it would be confusing for most of the people, I wouldn't underestimate them. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of people I've met on EMC are quite clever.
    The mods will check a thread when requested, so the difference should be marginal, and it IMO would do good for the community and EMC "economy."
  10. Well, this is the reason for this suggestion - there is no place for auctions without quantity restriction.
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  11. Which is why selling large (but not double chest full) quantities of expensive items instead of auctioning them is recommended.
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  12. Quite honestly, there is no room for unrestricted auctions. You can hold whatever auction you want in-game. just so you know
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  13. Sorry, but I can't help quoting Chickeneer on everything. He speaks the truth :p
  14. Except when he makes a mistake. *that does happen sometimes
  15. All chickens are mistakes... :p
    I might let you be an exception...
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  16. Exactly.
    My suggestion is to create a room - not for unrestricted auctions, the rules would stay, just without limitation of the quantity.

    @all: Please do not "spam" the thread with off-topic / irrelevant comments. This is "The Suggestion Box."
    You can find room for your random thoughts under
  17. Up until about 5 months ago, we only allowed dragon eggs, enchanted items and staff-approved bulk auctions. The bulk auctions had to be something substantial such as dbl-chest of diamonds or slimeballs to be approved. We changed the rule to allow the auction of any item in bulk, which removed the need for staff approval and now allows for anything to be auctioned.
    The reason we have the quantity rule in place is to somewhat restrict the number of auctions which are held, and therefore reduce the spam it creates on the forums, after all we aren't eBay. :p

    Allowing players to auction items in reduced quantity will spam the forums with many unnecessary auctions, when the items can simply be advertised in the marketplace, auctioned in-game or sold in player shops instead. It is apparent from the poll that the community doesn't seem to feel a new auction forum is necessary also. :)
  18. This. So. Much. This. I hate that I have to wade through all those damned auction posts every time I click "What's New?" If only there was away to get a "What's New?" feature that excludes the auction sub-forums. Oh, how blissful that would be. :D

    EDIT: It actually seems to be possible. The question then is whether the admins of EMC would be willing to do us this favor or not. :p
  19. Thank you for taking time to answer this, I've been wondering about the reason for this limitation for quite long.

    * Why would, for example, selling one stack of emerald ore on auction be (or create) more "spam" (what kind of "spam?") than selling it for a fixed price?

    * Why do you think that someone, or the majority of members, would waste their time on unnecessary auctions?

    * Why do you think you (staff) shall decide what auction is "necessary" or not for others? Why not let players decide themselves how they want to invest their time? (If someone does not like auctions, well she/he simply does not need to open that forum...)

    * Why to restrict or reduce the number of auctions anyway? Why not let the natural market laws of demand and supply control this? Closed auctions can be archived or even deleted after few weeks, so number of messages would not significantly grow.

    * There is just a handful of people who constantly "spam" the forums (and auctions), why not to deal with this problem directly and without unnecessary disadvantages for the majority? BTW, it would be just one forum and it could be excluded from "what's new."

    * Why not have an open and free market, but to (try to) restrict it, control, "keep in check?" What is the reason behind this?

    * Current vote count surely shows a trend, but it far from being representative.

    * There are special interests of few members (look at the votes) - this does not speak for the majority.

    My overall suggestion is - free the market, make it natural, let people freely decide how and what to trade (as long as they are not hurting others - there are rules already in place.)

    General direction? See here:
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