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  1. The Community Marketplace forum is a place where players can advertise in-game services and goods they are selling or looking for. Please read the following rules first:

    1. Topic title format:
    server - address - Title here
    For example:
    smp1 - 102 - Selling End Stone for 25r each
    This is not required if it doesn't make sense, for example:
    smp1 - I will build you a cobble stone generator for 500r
    smp2 - Looking to buy 500 green wools
    Dirt removal on any server, free quote

    2. Don't advertise on other players topics.
    For example don't reply to one saying "hey come to my shop I sell stuff cheaper".

    3. Don't attack others or their goods and services.
    For example don't post "cheaper than bob's shop". Or reply to someones topic "that is so expensive you are a scamer"

    4. Don't post a ton of topics.
    Combine them if you have a lot of different things. For example don't post a different topic for every item you are selling, instead make one shop topic.

    5. Don't "bump" your topic by posting unnecessarily on it.
    It is ok to post on it if you say drop the price or have restocked.

    6. Above all listen to the staff!
    If they tell you something or change something obey it!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.