Add 'alt of' or 'has alts' into /p

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  1. Whenever I use my alt TheTiger13, people wonder who that is. I'd be so much easier if you could just /p to see what main owns that alt. You could also /p the main, and it would say who your alts are. Thanks!
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  2. That would be nice! Although, i don't really get questioned since its pretty obvious who my alt is, it'd be nice for some others! I shall give this a +1 :3
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  3. I can never spot an alt. it is bothersome most times, well all the time because i dont know who is who. I have enough trouble trying to remember the main people. Dont feel bad if I have trouble remembering you because I have trouble remembering just about everyone i dont interact with regularly.

    I believe Alts are Pod people used to artificially inflate the population of EMC, infiltrate our society and take over our bodies when we sleep. DONT GO TO SLEEP!!!!! THEY WILL GET YOUUUUU!!!!!! :eek:
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  4. -1

    Sorry but many players including staff want to keep their alt's secret for a reason....
  5. -1 I got alts that ppl don't know of and i want to keep it that way.
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  6. This could get a little confusing too, if players claimed other players as their "alt " Plus, we can solve mysteries without it like the Hashhog and Penguin crisis. :p
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  7. I bet your alts have alts that you dont know about. Watch out, the alts will rise up and outnumber us. They will rule the world
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  8. Totally
  9. I can understand the why people would want this, I could see it implemented like /friend. First your alt would type /alt.
    Main account would type /alt confirm. This would allow only the alts you want to show up. A few other things came to mind with /alt... Here are some of the ideas
    */alt <alt name> r----------Shows the rupees/token balance of that alt
    */alt <alt name> pay <amount> <player name>-----------works like /pay but deducts from <alt name> account
    */alt hide/show------------Want to use the /alt commands but not show up on /p... this is the command for you
    Getting a bit far fetched...
    */alt rdeposit <alt name> <percent>---------------This would let you deposit a percent of all incoming rupees to an account, example: Account A does /alt rdeposit AcccountB 10. Account a receives 100K from playerC. 90K goes to accountA and 10K to AccountB. This would might be helpful for large mall owners, so they run out of rupees less often.

    Side notes:
    *All alts unless used the /alt hide/show will show up under the name in /p like so
    "Previously know as: <name> <name> <name>

    " Alts: <name> <name> " or if a alt its self " Main Account: <name> "
    " Group: <insert group> "

    Might edit in more later :cool:
  10. -1 Some people have an alt when they just want to be 'offline' from everyone :p
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  11. Seems like a waste of time but interesting nonetheless
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  12. *also quoting all the others why said this*
    You don't HAVE to do it, if you don't want to. Or you could only add a few accounts, and leave the secret ones off.

    I really like this idea, as when I'm on my sisters account (basically my alt), people often don't know who I am, and I always have to say it :p

    (for the few people out there who share alts, maybe an option for two people to have 1 the same alt? ;))
  13. Okay, improved like this, the idea actually sounds pretty grand!
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  14. Dude, 9001+

    Adding alts at your choice is a grand idea and even getting profits from alt banks. *Drooling intensifying*
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  15. Just fixing this command up a bit
    Main account does:
    /alt add [alt name]
    Alt account does: /alt confirm
    There really isn't a way from stopping people from adding random players to their alt lists unless you could do something with your IP as in:
    /alt add [random player]
    And if that players IP doesn't match yours then a message would pop up saying
    You don't have the same IP as that player!

    Though I don't know if Aikar could do something like that with IP's to see which players have the same IP.
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  16. A good idea in principle however:

    1) People, as they mentioned, want to keep alts secret. For example, some famous players may want to just play and not be bothered, or they may want to see how someone acts towards a normal new player to judge their character.

    2) It's really hard to know who is an alt. If you go by IP, there are dozens of perfectly valid reasons an account would use the same IP that isn't an alt, including:
    (a) Family members, roommates, lovers, etc sharing the same internet connection.
    (b) Friends, family, guests coming over to use someone else's wifi.
    (c) The IP is a public hotspot like a restaurant or library.

    3) Certain systems could be subject to abuse. For example, if you go with the /alt and /alt confirm suggestion, people might just claim to be alts of one another for fun. (Similar to how people use Facebook to say they are married to their best friend).

    4) Accounts can be loaned out to friends (who are fully trusted ie you know them in real life or for many years) or sold. In that case, they may lose/gain 'alt' status.

    It's not very hard to tell someone you are an alt of your main account if you want them to know, or to ask someone if they have any alts. I haven't seen it to be a big issue.
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