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  1. Hello EMC community, I have some news to share with you all. I have decided that I am going to leave the Empire for good unless someone manages to persuade me otherwise. I want to say goodbye to you all if I don't come back. Due to not being able to keep up with my parents' expectations, I don't really have any other choices. EMC is not an escape for me anymore. I have become way too addicted.

    I hope that you guys can understand. And thank you for all of your support throughout the last year or so, I wish you all well. Finally, thank you to all of my awesome friends on the Empire. You guys have been amazing and really supportive of me. You all are kind and put smiles on my face.

    Yours truly,
  2. I'll resay it.

    Come back when your life is stable. Krysyy is always open to talk to.

    No matter what, your parents are proud of you. They are just pushing you to be the best that you can and it will show in the future.

    EDIT: This is a shit prank. I hope it is a prank and you're not just trying to come back to the Empire without it sounding like you changed your mind.
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  3. I believe that a healthy balance can be found if you limit your activity on EMC enough to accommodate rl responsibilities. I would certainly miss you if you were to leave completely. :(
  4. It can be addictive I agree. But I have a suggest. You can plan out a schedule during the week. For instance, Friday work on math from 1-3, play empire 3-4, do reading 4-5, etc... And then stick to it. By organizing your time you might find you can still play some but just a reduced amount. Just an idea.
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  5. Plz dont leave us D': We would really miss you and as said before you can make a schedule to balance out your play time. ex: 1pm-2pm EMC, 3pm-4pm ( or more time XD ) Do homework, 5pm-6pm chores, etc..!
  6. I have thought about doing this many times. My suggestion, take a break, and Krysyy for a 20 day temp ban to keep you off, come back after that and you will be refreshed. My grades started to take a blow so I took a short break. I went from B- to C+'s, I came back with strong B+ or A's in my classes. A permanent disconnect doesn't fix anything in my opinion. Breaks work wonders, keep a relaxing server like EMC to, "blow of steam" when you have everything done and ready to relax.
  7. I was going to say something, but everyone else really summed it up well. Just take a break until (I'm assuming) your grades get better, and then when your life is stable again, you can rejoin us. :)
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  8. Just spend less time on - don't come on as much. Or this actually may be a prank. It's the same reasons as the other :p
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  9. Do what you think is best, real life is important always remember that, anyway best of luck for the future!
  10. my emc time schedule is 00.00 to 00.00
  11. I would also hate to see you leave; however I understand that sometimes you need to take a break - how about putting all your stuff over at your house at ME and locking it all up tight; we'll keep it safe for you and turn your house into a shrine till you can return to us.
  12. Leave, bro! :) this isnt meant to sound mean. But real life is more important than minecraft, and authentic in-person relationships are always more fulfilling than those via your computer. Harder, but better. Respect your parents, they're trying to do what's best for you and can see the potential in you, even when you may not see it as well yourself.

    Minecraft can be addicting, and when someone is addicted, telling them to "cut down a little" or "log-in less" is like telling a very overweight person to just eat less sweets. Unless they are supported by many people, just decreasing about of time spent isn't going to fix it longterm.

    Maybe it'll just be for a season, maybe it will be longer. But if its best for yours and your parents' relationship, your classes, and your real life friendships, it's best for you. Its worth it. Farewell!
  13. Everyone came up with very good points so I don't think there's much more to be said, except that we'll miss you a lot if you go. That's not an attempt to persuade you, just a fact. And of course we're gonna support whatever choice you make, cause that's what friends are for ;)

    I totally knew it was a prank.
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  14. Hey there, I'm just back from a school trip... and found this. This is my (immature) twin brother's prank against me. Please disregard this.

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  15. Well I knew something was off based on the way it was typed. (I'm not going to get technical) Anyways welcome back?
  16. Fun fun fun. Don't you just love siblings. ;)
  17. The -Micheal gave it away :p
  18. ..
    Classic pear. Another prank. Really? :p
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  19. Whether this is a fake post or not, I think that regardless there's a good moral of the story. Minecraft is a game, something you can always come back to.. life isn't.

    Not to sound like the old geezer, because I'm not, but you should put your real-life ahead of your time in-game, and we, the community, will always be waiting for you. I've done this in order to focus on my real life for nearly two years, and I find that I am appreciating my time on EMC even more, now that it's a limited commodity.

    Again, whether you posted this and then redacted it as a joke due to second-thoughts or not, you should think of you yourself, rather than the perceptions others have of you! ;)

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  20. You're not leaving?