A Re-Introduction

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  1. Hey guys!

    I'm sure many of you remember me, and for those who don't know me Hey I'm Panda :)! I had to leave a few months back due to things going crazy. Since then we've managed to get and fix up a truck, which we have named Frankentruck because we raised it from the dead, it had sat in our friend's backyard for 8 years.

    I was limited when it came to internet because we only had a wifi hotspot with limited time. The Saturday after Christmas I had to have our friend taken to the Hospital where she stayed, battling double pneumonia. She passed away Friday morning and her family gave us a week to get a place and get out. We found a place and moved all our stuff in Monday and they just got their internet fixed last night.

    So I'm back! I'm sure I missed a lot between the times I was able to get on with our phone or when the wifi would glitch during a storm and let me online. I kept in contact with Sonic and others on Facebook. I enjoyed seeing the drawings everyone made and submitted on my news feed and I smiled from ear to ear every time I was able to get the forums to work on our phone and see all the alerts I had.

    I really missed you guys and Single Player just isn't the same. Thanks for the Derelict protection for all those months and for getting me to 11K+ likes haha!
  2. Welcome back! :D
    I'm sure everyone missed you. :)
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  3. Welcome back Panda! I remember you, I hope you have a great time again, and that everything is alright :)
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  4. Yay. The panda is back!
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  5. Welcome back panda!
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  6. Welcome back!
    I saw you come back in game, but welcome again :D
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  7. Welcome back! I was missin' dem Pandas eatin' Ramen. :p I'm glad that everything's working out! I can't wait to see you back ingame!
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  8. Welcome back! Justinguy does not own EMC anymore. :(
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  10. Omg, she is back!!! :D!!!
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  11. Hi! Welcome back Pandas :D You've been missed
  12. Welcome back Pandas :D It's great to have you back :)
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  13. Hey, I've been gone too!
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  14. Wait, I didn't even notice you were gone:p Is that a bad thing? I'm certainly happy you're back then in each case:D
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  15. What this guy said! :D

    Also, sorry pandas, but I've overtaken you on the highest posting members list :p
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  16. He got me too. >_>
  17. Welcome back panda :)
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  18. aww, 5200 posts
    how cute ^.^
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  19. Welcome back! :D
    Dont really know you, altough i see you on the forums every once in a while.
    Welcome back none the less, hope your here to stay! :D
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