[A.M.A.] w/ prizes for 3rd year on EMC !!

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  1. Ask Me Anything [AMA] with Prizes.

    Greetings EMC. It is the time of year where I sometimes ponder what have I done in my time here on EMC and then I decide to go mining or exploring :p cause that is what it is all about here. I joined this server in October 2018 and fell in love with it.

    As is the custom with an AMA you may ask any question of Katy that your little heart desires to ask her, just as the name implies. The title does not say "Katy answers any question" so.... yeah.

    The Build household has had a rough month. KatyGotaConcussion and MrBuild is recovering from a malady of his own. GirlBuild is navingating mid-terms and BoyBuild is contemplating the meaning of life and tormenting Katy on a regular basis. All in all, a wonderful Fall is being had.
    (pun on the concussion, get it?)

    Prizes: There are 3 heads up for giveaway prizes. Special heads with this special skin - head bandage, hospital bracelet and knee bandage. [fyi- the knee was a bruise that has healed and the concussion is healing well, doing fine.] Prizes will be awarded by webby random number chooser - the post number will be used for entry number. a word of caution: the letters 'bruh' in that order, do not make a word. therefore they will invalidate any post attempting to ask a question and therefore cannot win a prize.
    Prizes will be awarded on October 23rd. when I am online and I will announce it in chat and here. Likely an afternoon/evening hour (emc time)

    Head Lore:
    Total of 8 heads were made. There will be no others. 3 for prizes here on the AMA and 2 will be publicly auctioned to get the dreaded rupees that make it possible for the shop to buy all those wonderful blocks from players and offer a stimulous to the wonderful EMC community. I am keeping 3 in my vault for myself.

  2. Mmmmm I have been waiting for this moment

    1. Hobbies outside of Minecraft

    2. Reason you keep logging onto EMC

    3. Your deepest, darkest secret
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  3. So sorry for your pain... Nice pun on the season :) Glad to hear you are recovering... How did you get your concussion?
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  4. Didn't you already figure that out? :p (I hadn't! I was wondering about the pun)

    Hm, boring question: how old are you?
    What is your favourite animal? And favourite colour (probably green, right? :p)?
    Do you prefer to wear jeans/trousers or skirts or dresses?
    What subject at school did you enjoy most?
    Do you have a plush you are fond of? (;))
    What genres of music do you listen to, if any?
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  5. Dear Katy, I must ask you a few simple queries. If the questions at hand seem to personal or lacking a need for response, please ignore them. Congratulations on the three years with Empire Minecraft!!

    1] Beards or clean shaven, which is your preference?
    2) chilled monkey brains, are they good or have you never had?
    3/ Which Infinity stone would you choose? (Marvels Avengers question)
    4} What kind of cookie is your favorite?
    5[ Fresh water or salt water aquariums?
    6( Why the brand of Build?
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  6. used to hike a lot. not as much last couple years. Loved going camping but the back doesnt allow for that as much any more. Rather sit by the lake or float than swim.

    to get the daily log in bonus, duh.

    is known to several people, but sadly, not to you.
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  7. Long story: As seen on my profile, there was a walk into the garage, there was a walk into the hanging bicycle in the garage. The bike and I then tried to occupy the same space and we failed. I was rescued from the bike and helped into the house. When my eyes were checked, one pupil was not the same size as the other and the hubs took me for a romantic midnight run to the nearby ER for a cat scan.
    But I am all good.

    Short story: bike accident
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  8. Choosing in-between: goatee or soul patch.

    nope. nope. not gonna happen. (bad scene. should be deleted from my mind. thanks indy jones)

    uh. not sure? gonna need a hint.

    chocolate chocolate chip

    I have only ever had fresh water tanks, but salt waters are beautiful to look at.

    Build is obviously the sur name and the family must share it. They roll their eyes at this, but that is their job at this juncture.
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  9. I am old enough to know better and too young to care.
    On a scale from chat, I am younger than Tbird - and older than Drasleona

    animal... lots of likes. have always loved giraffes, horses, tortises, birds, elephants ... heck just gimme a peek at the zoo.

    colour: deep forest green (always been a bit of a nature elf) add some sunlight and blue water and you got me :love: :<3:

    jeans! although a flowy skirt is very fun too, better with sandals or barefoot.

    history and science

    plush? not a particular one favorite. (am assuming plush = stuffed animal)

    music is any pop rock from '85-'05, with a smattering of classical, the softer jazz (not the loud in your face stuff), barely a dash of metal, celine dion, the soundtrack for The Greatest Showman, a bit of opera, limited amount of country (towards rock, no banjos repeat no banjos).
    thanks to emc chat I listened to Disturbed 'Sound of Silence' and fell in love with that and am under David's thrall, but havent' found anything else of theirs that I like as well so far. I am picky about my metal music.
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  10. I've got stuff to suggest :cool:, give me time to organize my thoughts :D
    For starters, give a listen to Diablo Swing Orchestra - Balrog Boogie (with the old opera singer) and Lady Clandestine Chainbreaker (with the new Singer, that here reminds me of Tori Amos a bit) :D

    how did you start playing Minecraft?
  11. there's that whole thing about parents should know what their kids are doing on the computer. so i learned the game.
    then... kids want to play online on server. so gotta check out the server. then .... you mean I get to build ?!?!
    and the rest is history.
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  12. Hi Katy, what's your favorite place you've traveled to?
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  13. I have seen wheat field on Grandpa's farm in Kansas, pine trees in Colorado, Yellowstone geysers in Wyoming, palm trees in Hawaii (at the airport), the forest areas in New Zealand, a beach in Florida, castles in Denmark, dinosaur fossils in Montana and Manitoba, and where the wall came down in Berlin.

    I have lots of favorite memories. But coming home to your own bed with my family at home is probably my favorite of all.
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  14. 1. What inspired you to build the shops we all know and love?
    2. Pies or cake?
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  15. Great questions and answers so far! :)
    (don't count this as an entry, obviously)
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  16. what do you think of our recent weather? :D
  17. Gonna amend the earlier answer of which i prefer, I am not sure whether you meant my preference or what looks nice.

    I previously said in-between like a goatee or soul patch but am going to add that I also like the short, trimmed whiskers when kept neat. Actual beards I do not like looking at on my man nor do I appreciate that ability to hold on to crumbs for later. So if it needs combed, its too long. --again this is on my partner.

    On other men, some are quite very handsome with facial hair and I don't mind looking ;) A handsome beard on a Sean Connery-esque villain is quite pleasant to look at. Moustaches can be done well and neat like on Tom Sellek and are quite attractive as well.

    And a question for you:
    ever find the elusive question 7 ? Cause I looked everywhere
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  18. Hey congrats my friend! :)

    My question is what Katy did build?
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  19. 1. The very first shop on my first res was storage. And i neatened up the storage and was given a few things away and I was told to just make it a shop to make it easier. So... i did.
    Yix had not finished his mall at that time and there were so few other shops active that I expanded it into things that I didn't have, just so that I could buy them off players.

    That first shop is now underwater and my turtles and kraken love to swim there.
    The second shop took up the entire underground section of that res. Currently still there, but empty - planning a use for it sometime when I get some time.

    Moved the shop to 8 because I was spending so much time there and 7 didn't need my shop any more, but 8 had nothing going except azoundria So the shop on smp8 was born.

    2. gonna say pie. got a soft spot for pecan pie - but it was too sweet! better when done with less of the sugar filling and more of the pecans. oh! and pumpkin pie. and a special lemon pie made in my family.
    Actually pecan bars usually hit the spot. but times of year the pecan pie reigns supreme.



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  20. Cant believe it took this long for someone to ask!! *big breath*
    Whatever Katydid builds is a Katydid Build and if Katy did Build it then it was Katy that did Build it.

    Historically speaking, Katy first ever built a dirt hut with a door. ;) Just like everyone else who opens the game and tries survival.