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  1. So, after consideration of what is going in my life and in game. I am finally going to be announcing my Retirement.

    I guess you would figure after what is going on with my ban and all I would of left sooner but I didn't. I've stuck up what was my worth and I played with my last 4 alts in my arsenal. The people that stuck out for me I really appreciate that you have been with me rough and thin. I am not going to be giving my stuff away since... Well I basically lost it all. I'll still vote for the empire and log in when need be since I invested my money and time into residences.

    College came way too quickly and I want to focus my time and energy towards something that will be meaningful in my life not rebuild what I had here. If and when I can find the time, I will be back but till then you will start seeing me less and less on forums and in game.

    I am deeply sorry about what I have done to the community from April and all previous cases with others. I am sure after I have parted, time could heal some of those wounds.

    As always Hope you enjoyed my extended stay on EMC.

  2. Good luck in college, Foxy.
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  3. :(

    u should, school is important! irl comes 1st!

    sorry 2 see u go though, hope u will still drop in often!!

    and good luck with studies (gonna be boring, lol!) ^.^
  4. Good luck.
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  5. Ditto Foxy, Goodluck.
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  6. Goodluck ,College is hard in USA in NZ Its Easy :p
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  7. Good luck with college foxy. It will be hard im sure, but in the long run youll do well.
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  8. Good luck man, you've never been anything but nice as far as i've seen so ignore the haters and enjoy college =D
  9. Good luck, hope college goes well.
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  10. Good luck and I will miss you my animatronic brother, and we will always be family no matter what :)

    I hope we can meet sometime in real life in the future someday

    Smp7 family forever ;)
  11. Thanks for being the best animatronic friend I ever had, and I wouldn't trade those days for anything :)

    And also <sad metallic skeleton noise> which means I will definitely miss you my good buddy

    I will be your animatronic skeleton buddy and brother till the end :)
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  12. My friend, I will not forget you nor the community. Trust me, I couldn't the first time nor will ever. It has been a pleasure to turn you into a metallic skeleton you are. I will never forget the memories mining together and creating some cool builds in the frontier. I am not leaving, just retiring more or less like ICC. Till when I get back hope to see you soon.
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  13. Cheers, Foxy. I haven't always agreed with you but you weren't too terrible ;) Have fun in college! We'll be waiting for you
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  14. Good luck Foxy!

    I hope you manage to sort the whole thing out and maybe... well, just maybe see an option to eventually combine a few things. Just keep in mind that real life always should come first, with that in mind I think you're making the right choice here. Which doesn't mean that you won't be missed of course!

    How are all the new players going to know that we really hope for 'm to be staying longer than 5 days? :p

    But yeah, really hope you can sort it all about and best of luck with college and all!
  15. GL in college... hope we stay somewhere in your heart for you to remember us!

    <3 :)
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  16. Aww.. I wish you well foxy in all your future endeavors! I hope "retirement " won't be to long, and I can be one of many to welcome you back. Till then, fare well foxy ♡
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  17. good luck with college :)
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  18. Best of luck in college!
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  19. Good Luck Foxy and study hard. Even if you think you don't need to study at all, do it anyway.
    That's my advice for your college career, based on personal experience.

    EMC isn't going anywhere. We'll see you on the flipside ;)
  20. Good luck in college and follow your dreams!
    do I smell a FNAF reference?
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