A hunt for Rupees.

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  1. Hello to everyone of EMC. Today for you I've made a hunt of sorts, in which the prize is 6,000r. This may be easy or difficult for some, who knows. You start out with 1 clue, and I may occasionally announce hints.
    The first person to post the correct answer into this forum thread will gain the rupees mentioned.
    This hunt will end either on April 1st or when someone finds the answer, whichever comes first.

    PRIZE INCREASE: Prize has been increased to 12k! Come on, someone has to solve this!
    Also, read the previous posts to see what's already been guessed.

    Oh yeah! Here's your first clue...

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  2. Broken link! I win right? :D lol
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  3. A sword, or to make clear?
    A clear sword?
    The elucidator is a black sword though...
    How ironic.
  4. A cool looking sword?
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  5. Both of these answers are Incorrect.
    You'll need to think outside of the box on this one.
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  6. What does this have to do with a sword? People keep asking that :/
    Anyways, that's incorrect too.
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  7. Well, if you put elucidator into Google images look what comes up :p
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  9. lol, I never knew that.
    Elucidator is actually my penname / soon to be username, so... That's cool, I guess XD
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  11. Does the hunt require your res?
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  13. It does not.

    That is not the answer either.

    You really need to think way outside of the box in this one. Like, so far out of the box you're out of the universe.
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  14. I'm just spurting ideas for others to potentially expand on.
    Am I anywhere close?
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  15. Hints, hints :D
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  16. Not really.

    You really need to think outside the frame for this one. Seriously, that's a huge hint.
    And what could that random black and white stuff mean?
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  17. The repetition of "Think outside the box" is making me wonder...

    You mean this box?
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  18. You mean the image border? Yes and no.
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  19. The black and white bits reminds me of a stave. Is elucidator a song
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  20. No, it isn't... I don't know. It may, but it's not related if so.
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