A farewell to EMC.

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  1. Following almost exactly 900 days on Empire Minecraft, a multitude of projects ranging from lava walling the wild of SMP5 to setting up one of EMC's largest and most controversial communities, and many fun times with the community, I have decided to bring my time on EMC to an end, to pursue a more engaging experience in Minecraft.

    I officially renounce my mayorship of Concordia, and shall be passing on the city, including the incomplete Concordia Palace and its treasury, to the most experienced wild pioneer willing. If you are interested, let me know. I will also loan my personal funds of 207,212 rupees and multiple promotional items to my successor, to make use of as they wish on the condition that any unused funds be returned to me should I decide to come back to EMC.

    I recall when I first came to EMC, SMP5 was a new server. I remember /buy animal. JustinGuy was still active, though becoming less active; his role became relegated to banning players with swear words in their name, before he faded away entirely. ICC was GameKribJeremy, and the IcecreamCow account was Senior Staff. I remember talking to Dark_Liz, proposing a partnership between her huge obsidian lava structure thingy and my fledgling shop. I remember Aikar as a mod, and Kryssy and Ignoramoose as regular players.

    That was the past, I think I've come a long way during my time in EMC and I do feel like a part of the community, but today, the EMC era of Minecraft ends for me.

    I'm unsure what else I could say, so I shall wrap this goodbye thread up.
    Thanks, y'all, it's been real.

    - Scott
  2. You will be missed, Scott. Good luck in your future endeavors and your mark on EMC shall stand tall for time to come :)
  3. You were a great member of EMC and even though i never had many interactions with you, I know you will be missed greatly.
  4. Farewell and may the force be with you
  5. but.. but... *sadness

    i hope you have fun with everything, but we all shall miss you here at the Empire. <3
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  6. I don't think ive ever spoken to you directly, but I've always enjoyed reading your massive walls of text and endless chatter about lava walls and economics.

    Hope you have a great life, we'll all miss you and I hope you come back soon. ;)
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  7. And yet we lose more players.. But farewell, I hope you decide to come back some time
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  8. I'll probably lurk a bit from time to time. Worry not about losing players, I trust Aikar's leadership will attract new players more suited to EMC's niche. :)
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  9. Good gosh, I am in the same boat as other players as never 'playing' MC with you but your presence was definitely felt around much of EMC, and enjoyed much of what you have done in the forums.
    Totally hope you pop in from time to time though, in the forums.

    Come-on lava walls is the stuff that legends are born from!
    Heh doubt many people would forget about that.

    Peace brother! See ya around maybe!
  10. Well brother, good luck with your next adventure. As with many people, they eventually (albeit sometimes quite awhile) come back, so see ya soon.
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  11. Though we did not speak too much with each other, we have not really done at any time; I wish you a good luck in your plans.
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  12. I never got to meet you D; but I'll miss you anyway :( losing one more member. Good luck on your next voyage !!! :D
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  13. Enjoy the world outside of EMC. I haven't even played SSP with enthusiasm since I left.. It has been The Sims 2 and IRL.
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  14. Scott,

    Thank you for the time you have spent on EMC. I have no doubt that you will go far in whatever you choose to switch your daily attention to. I remember reading something that you were going to publish a while back and being amazed at your intellect. Not to stroke your ego or anything, but you are one heck of a smart guy (don't tell moose I told someone else that)...And yes, I also remember the giant lava walls fiasco =P

    Here's hoping that you come back and visit from time to time. It has been a joy with you on EMC and I know many players feel the same (minus the lava walls of course).

  15. You may leave EMC, but EMC will never leave you.

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  16. The joy has been mine! No matter what servers I play on, EMC shall always be the number one for community.

    I ended up getting a book self-published, however, I sort of rushed it, and I'm not really happy with the finished product. It was during my 'militant atheist' phase, which I have since emerged from, and while I haven't read through it in a long time, I think it'd just reek of Dawkins fanboying.

    I am, however, currently working on 2 efforts.

    1. This blog. During May, in the run up to Northern Ireland's council elections, I was updating it a lot with stuff relating to my hometown, but since I've slowed down. I intend to pick it up again soon with a renewed focus, this time towards international issues, including the Ukraine conflict, Israel-Palestine, constitutional reform in Northern Ireland, and European federalism as a means of addressing aggressive foreign policy from the US and Russia.

    2. My manifesto. I intend it to be my largest project to date, exceeding both my Easter Manifesto penned during my militant atheist phase and my self-published book in scale. In it, I will posit that egalitarianism is not only the most ethical and just way of maintaining social order, but also good for the economy, and that egalitarianism has been (and continues to be) threatened by nationalism, religious fundamentalism and plutocracy. I propose an ideology which I currently call neodemocracy to counter these threats, made up of the ideas of democracy, liberalism, secularism and world federalism.

    In these projects, I have the support of a major activist. He advises foreign secretaries on Israel-Palestine and lobbies parliamentarians to take action. He's mentoring me a bit, and I hope I'll be able to take advantage of his Twitter followers for some publicity. :p

    Anyways, I have one last point to address: worry not of my ego, it has been doomed for a long, long time :p

    So yes, Krystal, I thank you for your kind words, and I wish you the best for your endeavors with EMC. :)
  17. I wonder how many players here understood that.
    Farewell Volt, good luck!
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  18. Oh come on, the only questionable thing is my plans for the manifesto :p
    Thanks for you good wishes anyway. :)
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  19. Aw, bye Volt
    We won't forget you, the lava walls will live on forever
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  20. Great Scott..... Come visit us from time to time. EMC fun just and conversation just won't be the same without ya