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  1. My kids got me into Minecraft on our Kindles and it didn't take me long to get the PC version and get really addicted .. got the kids set up on their own PCs now and the hunt began to find a way for all three of us to platoon together .. found EMC and we are really liking it .. the custom MOBs are just awesome without being so over the top it's not fun .. really liking the "almost vanilla" feel as it's much easier for the kids to jump in .. tonight was our first chance to really team up and have some fun .. looking forward to getting further into the site/server and digging up the fun ..

    Got a question for the masses (or maybe a suggestion) .. any way to set up a "group launch" into the wilderness or frontier? .. rather than continually repeating "/waste" until all three (or however many) find each other? (maybe a future feature?) ..

    .. anyway .. great fun and thanks for setting this up .. pretty sweet promos going too (though we screwed up our candles .. lol .. ) ..
  2. Hey there! Glad you're enjoying EMC. We don't have a group launch like you mentioned, but what you can do is in addition to the /waste command, choose a direction and type it in. For example, you guys decided you want to mine on the south east wastelands. You can just type in chat /waste se and it'll take you all to the same place! The same thing works for the /frontier and the /wnether (wastelands nether).
  3. You guys should start an outpost in the wild. For me, it just makes it more fun as it has both the aspects of EMC and Minecraft :)
  4. Cool! Seeing more adults on EMC. It's kinda like a tradition for adults on EMC to support... (support.emc.gs) Kinda interesting. You don't have to, but it gives you many awesome things/perks!
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  5. Welcome! Hope you continue enjoying EMC along with your family :)
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  6. I got involved with EMC in the same way by playing with my son. I have enjoyed it here so much that I have become a part of the staff. Great to hear positive feedback because the staff (and owners) have worked really hard to make it a place that we can all enjoy.
    Don't know if you all have headphones and microphones, but 'mumble' is a neat feature that helps communication if you are not all in the same room. EMC has it's own mumble channels, so you can meet other players from our servers as well.
  7. Message me and we can fix them =)
  8. Welcome, nice to see a family on, I'm new my self, not with my family. I think you'll like it and if you get confused just ask around, I've gotten great help from others. Maybe start an event if you want?
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  9. Welcome to the Empire. This is a great family server. Have fun. :)
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  10. Welcome I saw you on smp7.
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  11. Welcome to the Empire!

    And yes, this is a very family friendly server. While it still provides a lot of options to customize and tweak the permissions on your plot (/residence) it's also set up in such ways that the default is pretty much good enough to start enjoying right away!

    Another tip I'd like to share: have you ever heard of group chat?

    Now; before I go on: obviously its more fun to use the town channel and chat with all your fellow townies. For sure. But there will be times when you simply want to chat with your family. And when you're not all in the same room (in real life) then the easiest way could be in-game.

    Group chat can be a really helpful feature, esp. because it also allows you to chat with the group when you're in the wild.

    Its easy: all you do is /invite <playername>. After they accept using /join you and the other player are in the same group. You can easily chat to each other by using /ch g and then simply typing messages or by using the @g prefix. So, for example: "@g hi there!" would send my comment to the group chat instead of the town chat.

    This option can be specifically handy if you're mining because even if you get separated and @l or /ch l (local chat) doesn't work then group chat will still be available. Also good to know is that it also allows you to share some XP amongst yourself when mining. And because every group member can invite others to the group you can easily stick together this way.

    Hope this can give you some ideas too.

    Most of all I hope you and your family will have a great time on the Empire!
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  12. Welcome glad you guys enjoy EMC! I started playing awhile back and got my wife to join on the server. It's a lot of fun to share builds, and gathering with your family especially on down/lazy days :)
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  13. Welcome to the Empire - see you around :)
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  14. My middle grandson and I use Skype for communication - we are out in the wild frontier on smp7. Great to see more family participation - enjoy yourselves :)
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  15. Loool my grandma doesn't even have wifi... or a computer
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  16. Welcome! :)
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  17. Welcome to the Empire! :) My son is a big scaredy cat and doesn't like leaving town! hehe He usually hangs out on smp6 in pvp getting his butt kicked, but he likes it and is having fun. :D I should make him god gear, maybe... hehe
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  18. ... sweet .. we will try that ..
  19. .. yep .. I remember you .. good to see you again ..
  20. .. yep .. I'm already doing the support thing .. just have to figure out how to redeem the diamond voucher .. lol .. I will probably end up doing at least and Iron Supporter for each kid too (twin boys) .. they are REALLY diggin' having Dad around (which should only last another four years or so .. lol ..
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