A Family Game .. thanks EMC ..

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  1. How to support? You look on the home page, there is a thread that is called something like "Google Forms to make Life Easier." There should be a form to fill out to redeem.
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  2. .. yepper .. works like a charm .. thanks for that tip ..
  3. .. found it .. and submitted .. thanks ..
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  4. .. we are on SMP7 also .. look forward to meeting more of the SMP7 crowd ..
  5. .. my boys are 8 (twins) and they only get to play when all three of us can sit down at the dining room table (that whole adult supervision thing) .. at least until they get a little more "internet savvy" .. anyway .. if your kid wants to hang out with some other kids (and one over-grown kid) look us up on SMP7 .. "Rogue1128" and "Spudman1128" are my kids .. your guy may be able to teach my guys a few things .. lol .. or at least give them a butt whooping .. lol ..

    Have a Great Day/Evening ..
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  6. OMG Your boys are my age! I need to talk to them sometime :D
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  7. Dresden .. forgot to mention .. my guys have mixed emotions about leaving town also .. lol .. but we have teamed up to go exploring and "egging" some horses and animals .. one of my guys is fearless about jumping around into the wilderness and can talk his brother into trouble much faster than I can .. lol ..
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  8. And now that I am on (the Wife) the whole family is playing along with Guse's real life sister and niece!
  9. Happy to see EMC uniting family in a unique way. =D
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  10. Then a much belated but well meant welcome to the Empire to you too!

    I think it's great to see that you guys are still playing, and much more important: are still having fun! (I hope so anyway!).

    And be sure to keep in mind that if you have any problems (EMC is /huge/ on features) then all you need is just ask! Or check the wiki I guess :)
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