*911* What's your emergency?

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  1. This thread goes as follows.
    You call 911 for no reason.
    You hear the operator say:
    *911* What's your emergency?
    You then answer it however you want to.
    For example:
    *911* What's your emergency?
    Have fun! :p

    Do not call 911 for real.
    Keep it PG.
    Try to keep it creative.
    You must follow EMC rules.
    I am subject to add more rules as I see fit.
  2. *911*What's your emergency?
    *Me*umm...Hi. (giggles and hangs up)
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  3. *911* What's your emergency?
    *Me*Is your refrigerator working?
    Hangs up immediately.
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  4. *911* What's your emergency?
    *me* I'M DYING!!!!!
    *operator* Why are you dying?
    *Hangs up*
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  5. *59023787537874*VAT DO VOU VANT?????
    *911*whats your emegancy?
    *me* a vampire called me
  6. *911* Whats's your emergency?
    *Me* I think your grandmother died.
    *911* How do you know my grandmother?
    *Me* I stalk you!
    *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP*
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  7. *Mother* Can I come over?
    (Hangs up)
    *911* What's your emergency?
    *Me* My mother called. What should I do?
    *911* Good question. Call the help line, not us.
    (Hangs up)
    *Help_Line* Help line here to help. Now whats your question?
    *Me* My mother called. What should I do?
    *Help_Line* Umm...Good question. Have you tried to reason with her?
    *Me* No. She said, "Can I come over?" and then I hung up.
    *Help_Line* Well try to convince her to stay at someone else's house.
    (Hangs up)
    *Me* Mother?
    *Mother* I'm here. Now, can I come over?
    *Me* No. Stay at one of your friends house please.
    (Hangs up)
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  8. *911* What's your emergency?
    *hangs up*
    *911* da faq?
  9. *911* What's your emergency?
    *Me* FIRE!
    *911* Where at?
    *911* Ok, but where?
    (Hangs up)
    (Next day)
    *News* This just in. Yesterday afternoon, there was a fire burning on the dance floor at the EMC dance studio. What's ironic is that they where playing "Fire Burning On The Dance Floor" when it happened.
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  10. *911* What's your emergency?
    *Me* I'm at a payphone, trying to go home, all of my change i spent on you
    *911* Um...
    *Me* Where have the times gone? Baby it's all wrong. Where are the plans we made for two?
    *hangs up*
    *911* We got another Maroon 5 freak
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  11. *911*Whats your emergency?
    *me*I can't breathe... Gasp
    *911*Why can't you breathe?
    *me*my dad
    *911* You're dad?
    *me*He farted on mom's face while she was asleep and blamed it on the dog
    *hangs up*

  12. I like this. Where basing each 911 call off a song.
  13. *911 whats your emergency?*
    *Me* Im watching you!
    *911* sir i dont have time for jokes
    Me* Oh im not jokin, im watching you right now
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  14. Love the video!
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  15. I've seen that. I lawled so hard XD
  16. I begin to wonder how many people have actually called 911.
    I have before, in an actual emergency.
  17. Im tempted to right now......
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  18. 911, what's your emergency?
    People keep copying things they see and not giving other people credit. *Cough Cough*
  19. Umm, if you are actually calling 911, I highly suggest you stop. When you prank call 911, the operator is wasting time answering your call when they could be helping somebody who actually needs it. On top of that, depending on where you live, if caught prank calling 911, you can get massive fines, and possibly go to jail. Please, for the respect of the operators, dispatchers, law enforcement, ambulance crews, and firefighters, please stop.

    (Several of my family members are law enforcement, firefighters, and dispatchers.)
  20. This is suppose to be a game thread but I understand your point and I hope no one takes it too far.