746-Noteblock Song (Congrats, Krysyy!)

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  1. This was created mainly for krysyyjane9191 and ignoramoose regarding their engagement and their upcoming wedding that will take place on Friday, April 1st, 2016.

    I spent at least eight hours on this, and it turned out pretty well. As the title says, I have used 746 noteblocks to create the song on Minecraft.

    The song's name is Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel. This song is widely known; it is most frequently played at weddings and stuff.

    I forgot to mention one thing in the video. I used a mod (Noteblock Display GUI) to set the noteblocks' pitches by using a custom user interface. I still had to set the pitch to each individual noteblock. I used modified (modified by me) sheet music and transferred it onto noteblocks. Enjoy! :D

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  2. Nice :D
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  3. Wow! I could never even make something that sounded slightly melodic!
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  4. Could you please set up an access sign so we can listen to the beauty in-game? :3
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  5. This Sir is faboulous!
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  6. woa.. :O nice
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  7. I could never do anything like this... Good job! :D
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  8. Now all we need is a 2 hour loop, played at the in game wedding....
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  9. This is incredible, I can't even imagine how patient you must have had to have been.
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  10. So that's what you were working on while I was stalking you at your res... =P
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  11. That was absolutely amazing
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  12. A job well done! You should do these often. :D
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  13. This is simply amazing. Thanks for thinking of me like this =)

    EDIT: Just realized this is ON EMC....visiting now =)
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  14. That was amazing!!!!
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  15. That was awesome. Not to mention it all was in the right pitch, too! Hats off to you!
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  16. Where is this located on emc I would LOVE to to visit this!
  17. Good evening, everybody! I have updated the OP with a new video.

    The video includes a near-flawless version of the song with minimal lag and errors. That being said, I fixed the major error I have found in the previous video and the noteblocks. If you guys were wondering what the error was, skip to the end of the updated video in the OP.

    For everyone that would like to listen to the song in-game, I will work on setting up a public button that players cannot spam. :D Thanks for the positive feedback!
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