666th day on EMC - Win 100,000R

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  1. Hello EmpireMinecraft
    Today i just turned 666, It's crazy that i've been here for so long...
    Many of you know me as the man of Faith.
    So yeah, ofc i am talking of Fa.. Ith.. Casss.. Dur....
    Now well, lets do the giveway thingy.
    All you need to do is post --ANYTHING-- in the comments below, it can be anything from potato, EMC history or maybe even a whole life history?
    You are allowed to post once each profile, (congrats Jack, you now have 10million entries)
    And... congratulate Faith-Casss-Dur on his 498day on EMC.
    Random Question if you're bored...
    If the temperature is zero outside today and it's going to be twice as cold tomorrow, how cold will it be?

  2. hi, potato.
  3. so this account is your original account, but you made another one with a better name?
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  4. Responding to that question, you need to know what the temp was that you are comparing it to, ie the average, yesterday, etc.
  5. Hello Friend. Nice to see another EMC Vet.
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  6. *you will never know's Alt*
  7. Posting for rupees! Congrats! A quick question.... what drives you to stay with EMC so long? The great server, the great people, what? THanks for the amazing giveaway!
  8. ooh yay, thats a long time to be on emc :D
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  9. Me and my alt are only 464 days old. :(
  10. True, true. :(
  11. Hi....

    This is me.

    Creative as always.

    I'm gonna hide now

  12. Random fact:

    An average person
    has approximately a
    0% chance of turning
    into a rhino next year.
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  13. ^This.
  14. Hi, congrats for being on so long!
  15. ♪This is a post♪
    ♪i'm writing a song here♪
    ♪now im not.♪
  16. So this is a post eh? Congrats on 666 days on EMC! :p
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  17. Where did u get your name?
  18. Well, first, congrats to faid cas dur:D
    En second: image.jpg