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  1. This is over. Check November's here: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/607s-club-tournament-november.58757/

    Hi, it's me again!

    I'm holding a tournament for people to compete in the online, free to play game avalanche!. You don't have to have played the game before, just try it! Everyone who gets a minimum of 22ft will get something, and getting 22ft isn't very hard.
    I could explain everything here, but I think a video would be more convenient.
    So here you go!

    If you don't know about CP (http://folk.simpsite.nl/cp), it's not really a problem. Even if you wouldn't know what to do with it (there are quite some cool things, though, you can let me compose something for you, for example) you can still compete for the fun of it.
    And it's a nice game!
    Besides the CP, I will also give away rupees: the first place from EMC will get 5k, the second 2k, and the third 1k. If more than 5 people from EMC join I'll add more prizes. So yeah, I'd say this competition is both fun and profitable ;) To be clear: to submit your high score, post a screenshot of it in the comments on YouTube, not here. If you don't have a YouTube account, though, you can post it here and tell me, I'll post it in the comments.
    Also, if it wasn't clear: try to get as many people to join as possible! After all, you'll get 5 CP for every person under you (including yourself), so the more people join, the more CP you can potentially get, right?
    I just hope it won't get too crazy and I'll have to be busy for months fulfilling the requests :rolleyes: If that'd happen, I'd be quite happy too, though, because that'd mean this got popular! :D

    Any questions can be asked either here or in the YouTube comments.
    Have fun, and good luck!
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  2. Bump! :)
    Are you okay with having to post your scores in the comments or would you rather have a way of keeping it secret while still submitting it? (I could allow mailing it to me)
  3. Also, if you're planning to play but later, I'd like it if you mentioned it, so I can estimate how many people are going to compete.
  4. Bump! :3
  5. Bump :\
  6. I enter. Seems like nobody else did. Which I guess is good for me. I remember this game, it's so old!
    Anyway, here's the screenie:
  7. Good! You are indeed the only one from EMC joining, but not the only one participating! JoeKar 2 from warioforums.com got 373! :)
  8. Bump! :) Remember, if you get more people to join, you may get more CP, but you can never get less CP!
  9. When does it end?
  10. Site's blocked on my network. I'll have to wait til the weekend to play.
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  11. November 1st, Noon EMC time. :)

    I'd love it if you played!

    I was estimating about five people to join... we've got two so far. But we can get more!
  12. Making me play these weird game, I'll join...
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  13. Well? ;)
  14. Getting a screenshot right now...

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  15. Do you think you're still going to do it? :)
  16. I've been out of commission for the last 36 hours with the stomach flu.
    I woke up from a 16 hour nap and decided to play after reading this.
    Anyway here's my best so far. Probably won't be able to play for a while after since I'm still kind of dizzy.
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  17. Oh, you are ill? :( I feel sorry for asking you now >.<
  18. Haven't I done great?

  19. This is my best so far :p