607's Club Tournament November

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  1. Hi, it's me again!

    Welcome to the November edition of 607's Club Tournament! This time you'll be playing quite a cute game ^.^

    Some handy links:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_L2eW3X2x1Y for the video
    http://folk.simpsite.nl/cp for information about Club Points and the leaderboards
    http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/521804 for the game
    607.filler@gmail.com for if you want to mail me your screenshot instead of posting it here.

    This time I'll also reward rupees again to the people from EMC: 5k for first place, 2k for second place, 1k for third place.
    But the CP should of course be good enough of an incentive alone ;)
    Something that might be interesting to note: Dj__Krazy from EMC is currently in the lead with lifetime CP. He's quite dedicated :p
    And of course, have fun! I am always having fun with this game, although the graveyard section is a little scary :eek:

    Anyway, for any questions that you have and don't get answered in the video or the description, please ask me here or via mail.

    And one last thing: if you have a suggestion for a game that would be good for a future Club Tournament, please let me know! I'll reward 6 CP to every suggestion I consider decent.

    Have fun, and good luck!
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  2. Bump! :)
  3. Bump!
  4. Come on people, play! ;)
  5. bam!

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  6. I would recommend the game trition.ironhelmet.com
    It is pretty fun although takes a while to play.
  7. I never noticed these contests :O
    *rushes to the game*

    One question though, what is your high-score for those 15 CP? :p
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  8. Edit:

    You cant see my character because It vanished in the grave behind the more games sign :p

  9. Well, glad you noticed now!

    Not telling, I might try to improve it after seeing your great scores ;)
    But it'd probably be fairer not to, so I got to remember to get a better score earlier next time :p

    In that second screenshot, did you use the same character?
  10. Yep :)
  11. Bump :\
    If we don't get other people to join, you probably won't get very much CP..
    I'm still glad at least somebody joined, though :p
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  12. Bump!
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  13. Only a few days left!
  14. Hope I'm not too late
  15. Actually, no! I think you were before noon EST still :)
  16. So did I win :p
  17. I'm not sure, I didn't actually view it yet (I can't see Imgur pictures in this browser). I'll make the results video and reward people their CP and rupees within 10 days, probably. :)
  18. gg 0.o
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  19. The CP were rewarded, my score was 1829 feet. Haastregt just didn't get it, Foxy did.
    The updated scores:
    1.  DjKrazy               - 38 : 38
    2.  FoxyRavenger          - 27 : 27
    3.  Travis Graham & EvKem - 25 : 25
    5.  wariolandgoldpiramid  - 23 : 23
    6.  metaknight356         - 18 : 18
    7.  Vodazvezda            - 17 : 17
    8.  Miss_Peevle           - 15 : 15
    9.  Luckygreenbird        - 10 : 10
    10. haastregt             - 8  : 8
    11. JoeKar 2              - 7  : 7
    12. Seanawesome14         - 5  : 5 
    Unfortunately though, a new club tournament won't be coming any time soon, as I don't get enough competitors to make it worth the time and effort, sorry :/
    I might start rewarding some CP at the Find the Rubber Ducky thread, though, and new videos will always be uploaded at YouTube channel supermariobrosdeluxe sporadically, where you can earn CP too, most of the time, if you're the first to do whatever is mentioned in the description.