600 Days + 20,000 rupee giveaway

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Buffalo Wings, or Chicken Wings?

Buffalo 21 vote(s) 42.0%
Chicken 29 vote(s) 58.0%
  1. 32 do you think EMC is awesome
  2. 21 Please. Whats your Favorite Animal?
  3. 77

    Why did you decide to play on EMC and why have you stayed here?
  4. I've already asked a question, but I have another.
    Is there such thing as a muffin flavored muffin? Cake flavored cake? Pie flavored pie?
  5. # 7 please. Have you ever watched mlp? if you have which pony is your favorite? :3
  6. #67. Have you lost the game?
  7. ...
    Dang it superg...
  8. Extending the time limit to tomorrow. ;3
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  9. 49 plz would u rather go to the Super Bowl for free or minecon for free?
  10. 250 blue or red?
  11. Deadline has been reached.
    Not expecting anymore things.
    Will be answering questions, and giving one day to repeat numbers.
  12. Did not follow instructions, cannot accept you now sorry.
    HECK yea I do. Do you like waffles?
    Just cause ;3
    My favorite flavor is muffin flavored muffin flavored.
    No. He is... different. He is sure something that's for sure.
    hmm... I guess I have to say minecraft
    Shrek 1
    Yes, but it isn't finished yet. DON'T JUDGE ME. I'm 600 days old and lazy... ok...
    My favorite number is 9 because... well never mind that.
    Favorite animal is saber tooth tiger.
    I do. Thanks for getting me lol.
  13. Minecon. 110%
    blue. Red Spy, red spy, whatcha going do got a red spy on our tails got hide got to bail.
    No. I think it is awesomsauce. o3o
    Saber tooth tiger. You need a new number.
    Because I was bored of PvP and ... I actually did leave for a while after spring break last year but came back in the late summer. You need a new number too :p
    there is. Welcome to enlightenment my friend.
    Yes I have! I am actually a brony, just don't go crazy about it. My favorite pony is probably Rainbow dash who acts more of a tom boy than apple jack. You need a new number also ;3
    I... don't understand.
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  14. 18 please, fav assassin creed person? :3
  15. :p Connor Because my name is Connor... ;3
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  16. 43 please
    If you could change your name, would you keep it or change it? If you decided to change it, what would your new name be?
  17. To answer your question, my new name would be BrickStrike. I can't give you a number sorry.
  18. Ahh ok. New number is 33.

    Hmm new question... What brought you back to EMC?
  19. Mines Altiar
  20. Ok Here is New Number Any1 You Wanna Give Me :p