600 Days + 20,000 rupee giveaway

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Buffalo Wings, or Chicken Wings?

Buffalo 21 vote(s) 42.0%
Chicken 29 vote(s) 58.0%
  1. 19 please. Do you smack people with bricks? :D
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  2. 4 please, and a simple question. Coca-Cola or Pepsi?
  3. 117 plz, and do you like slipknot?
  4. 123. Do you bowl exept with bricks instead of pins?
  5. Answering all the questions from rest of page 2. Will update list afterwards ;3
    I had admired PvP so that's why I chose 'strike'. My first part is from lego bricks, and other things :p
    Hm... I really like Nether Brick.
    Too many too count.
    I believe you can answer this by solving this equation.
    2x > x
    I was bored of PvP so I looked for a server online and found myself here :)
    Let's just say, a lot. I have pretty much all the promo items.
    Smp 1.
    No, because I thought wisepsn had the best.
    Seeing as I have four accounts now... I think I would name "InfiniteStream" to my love of code stream that makes of games ;)
    Because when i got my account, stone brick wasn't in the game.
    I am in scouts, in sports, plus i do homework. What do you think?
    Um. I think cddm asked me this. I'll go with the power of lazer cannons.
    Enchanted book: Sharpness 5 Tool: Diamond axe
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  6. I will take 54, if not already taken.
    Your favorite holiday?
  7. Yes :D
    Coke. And that number has been taken Choose again please ;3 :p
    No, I throw bricks at the pins.
    Halloween :p
  8. 124
    Shrek 1 or 2
    also this is mman2832 not bftbg
  9. awww but its my lucky number... fine ill take 16 then.
  10. Do you have a shop? 77 please
  11. Bump. ;3 Will answer and update list in the morning.
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  12. 15 and what is your favorite number? Your favorite animal? Do you hate one direction?
  13. Number 26 please. Do you think Nick is pretty :p
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  14. 69, what is your Favorite game?
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  15. 123 please
  16. 100 do you like pancakes?
  17. 30 please :p

    Why do you like muffins so much?
    What is your favorite flavor muffin?
  18. 66 please, favorite Steam game?