600 Days + 20,000 rupee giveaway

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Buffalo Wings, or Chicken Wings?

Buffalo 21 vote(s) 42.0%
Chicken 29 vote(s) 58.0%
  1. 140
    What's the most you would give up for 50 billion dollars?
  2. 238 why no 1000 days?
  3. 142. Would you build a house with stone bricks or just regular bricks?
  4. 10 please!
    Favorite moment on EMC?
  5. IT'S THE LAW. Accepting you for now, just please don't enter your main account though ;)
    Hmm... One of faithcaster's reses :3 They make me feel.
    One superpower... I think I would have the power of invisibility. Don't look at me. I'm INVISABLE!

    Currently about to go to sleep, if your number is quoted by me, it's yours ;)
  6. Depends on the build. With bricks.
    My favorite moment on EMC is ... well building my mall i guess. :p Still building it ;)
    Cause ain't nobody got time fo dat.
  7. 7 please.
    How, and why, did you choose the name brickstrike? Sorry if this has already come up
  8. 189. What's your favorite block?
  9. 53
    In your entire lifetime, how many Déjà Vu's have you encountered?
  10. 59.
    Why are muffins better then pies?
  11. 222 please. How did you find EMC?
  12. 4 pls, how many promo items do you have?
  13. 21 please, favourite EMC server?
  14. 58 please.
    Did you know that I have the best horses?
  15. 15 please. If you got to get a free account, what would you name it?
  16. Happy 600th :). Strike? Why not stone, brickstone? Number: 81
  17. 173
    Why are you always too busy to chat on Skype?! :(
  18. 231 Please.
    If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?
  19. 9 please,
    what is your favorite enchanted book and tool?
  20. Bump bout to go to school will update list when I come back. Remember to follow the rules ;3
    EDIT: and i will answer your questions when i come back >_<