600 Days + 20,000 rupee giveaway

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Buffalo Wings, or Chicken Wings?

Buffalo 21 vote(s) 42.0%
Chicken 29 vote(s) 58.0%
    Hi guys! I will be 600 days old in a few hours. So, I'd like to take the time to say "I'm giving away 20k peoplez of the world!" Anyways...
    [AMA] Ask me anything, please!
    I will be doing a raffle for the 20k giveaway:
    ~Must ask a question to enter
    ~Must say which number you want.
    ~Number must be from 1 to 250
    ~ I will be using random.com to chose the winner.
    ~ NO ALTS ALLOWED. lookin at you DP.
    EDIT: I will chose the winner on Sun. in the morning, so enter the giveaway before that.

    1. hallandr721
    4. marine4121
    7. MrUnknownian
    10. nick_godoy
    13. HylianNinja
    14. xHaro_Der
    15. THE_LENGEND4
    16. homer71171
    17. Luckypat
    18. PlayTehMinecraft
    19. Darkangledav
    21. maxthegreat2
    23. ToriDesu
    24. DeadPresident
    26. Lukas3226
    27. AmusedStew
    28. Mindlegokid
    30. AliceF3
    32. DemonThunder345
    33. Dreacon78
    37. gjbrock1998
    49. akela132
    53. Gabrielrocks69
    54. highlancer54
    57. Olaf_C
    58. astrayalien
    59. slash14459
    66. Champ4now
    67. superg64
    69. BanditLM
    77. MoeMacZap
    81. Kaizimir
    82. Reindeer_
    95. cddm95ace
    100. nanoe46
    117. generalfelino015
    123. Shon14
    124. mman2832
    125. Parkerjv9
    140. Trapper777
    142. Meystrik
    173. mba2012
    189. Qwerty189
    222. TomvanWijnen
    231. sideshowallie
    238. adondrabkin

    Need New numbers:
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  2. 57
    Who is your favorite staff member?
  3. 13
    What did you see when your eyes were opened?
  4. 27
    what is your favorite video game aside from minecraft?
  5. 17 please :)
    Who is the luckiest player on emc... ;)
  6. 37
    If you were to live in a very hot place or very cold place, which would it be? and why?
  7. This is like one of those "Do these pants make me like fat?" questions. I'll get fried either way >_< (but if I'd choose smooch or Dwight)
    Well... I think I saw a youtube video open on my PC...
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  8. 14 when you grow up do you wanna be a potato
  9. I would compare it rather to "if you could kill any of your direct family members who would you kill" kinds of questions.
  10. haro, we all want to be potatoes when we grow up but he will end up as a muffin.
  11. 125. Why muffins? :p
  12. Hmm... I'd have to say either Fez or TF2
    A very cold place. My presence makes it hot. :cool:
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  13. Yes. And a gamer. And a yotuber. And a teacher. ;3
    OoT abridged. Fan of Navi the fairy... muffins... ;3
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  14. 28
    If you could have your own Empire, what would it be called?
  15. Hm. I'd have to say Brickington, or The isle of Myst. ;3
    Did not follow rules...
    And oh yea... No alts allowed... ;3 (TELL ME)
  16. Bro, Y is their rules :(
    this is my question :3
  17. 23,
    Favorite res on any of the empire servers?(Doesn't have to be a shop but a design?)
  18. 95 please, congrats on 600 :) If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
  19. 82 please,
    If you were to invent a new color, what would you name it?