[50k Giveaway/AMA] Two Years of Fendy!

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Money split? (Higher the sum, lesser the chance)

1 person winning 50k 17 vote(s) 41.5%
2 persons winning 25k 14 vote(s) 34.1%
5 persons winning 10k 4 vote(s) 9.8%
10 persons winning 5k 6 vote(s) 14.6%
  1. Hey y'all! On this day, two years ago, I joined the Empire for the first time. I've met some great people, done some great things, I have really enjoyed my time on the Empire and hope to do so for a long while to come :)

    I've decided that for this giveaway that I would do something a little different to what I have done before - an AMA. I shall refrain from making any kind of list of players that have helped me through the Empire or write essays on my time here at the Empire and I'll simply let you ask all the questions! Things you want to know about the Minecraft Fendy, and the real Fendy (within reason, of course)!

    The other reason that I do this AMA is because I simply had no time to make any kind of deathly maze or place three thousand chests on a residence, partly because I am currently ill, but that should never stop me from giving away some precious Fendy rubies!

    On with the show then, here are the rules and notes for the AMA and giveaway:
    • Ask me anything (within reason) to be entered into the draw for 50k
    • You can ask as many questions as you like (again, within reason) but try to keep them to one post only
    • Everyone that has asked a question will be entered
    • Any posts without a question will not be entered and will simply be ignored
    • You can only be entered once into the draw, it is also a rule that you should not use alts (anyone caught doing so will be removed from the competition and reported to staff)
    • The winner(s) will be announced on Friday, you can post your questions anytime up unto the point I announce the winner(s), please check to see if I have announced them if posting on the day
    Also, make sure to vote on the poll for what kind of split you would like. Remember, the higher the sum, the lower the chance of you getting the cash. I will not make the poll close at any time, I will simply choose the one with the highest votes when going for the draw. Choose wisely...
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  2. Yay, congrats, Fendy!
    1. What is your favorite type of automobile?
    2. What's the best prank you ever pulled?
    3. Who's your favorite hashhog3000?
    5. Why did you make your text yellow n' blue?
    6. What's your favorite item in your museum?
    7. Have you ever had any pets?
    8. Does it make your subconscious OCDness prickle when I skip 4 like that?
    9. What was your first day on EMC like?
    Again, congrats and thanks for the giveaway! :D
    Also, because I can...
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  3. Why you like Ford?
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  4. 1) :eek: My favourite car is the Audi Coupe Quattro, but I could never really come up with the favourite type alone :p
    2) You ask very hard questions, I sense this already. I can't really think of any right now, I'll have to skip this one...
    3) Hashy Boo
    4) You didn't write a number 4, never mind ;)
    5) I tried a few colours and didn't know which was best, so I just stuck a few in and hoped for the best
    6) Community Defender and Certificate!
    7) I've had a few fish before but we've always had Lola, the black and white cat
    8) Ah, so that was intentional, well yes, it does make a very sharp prickle...
    9) I believe I came on and was greeted by iamkhatru, I then proceeded to try and get a residence by my sister, the residence I eventually settled with was 18308 a few days later, which is now owned by one of my alts!
    Ford Capri, Ford Escort, Ford Focus ST, there's quite a lot of Fords that generally look quite appealing (and some that don't). "It's all about the shape" ;)
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  5. What's your favourite film?
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  6. This is a hard one to choose, but my favourite is probably 'The Butterfly Effect'. It had four different endings and each one can be interpreted in different ways. The storyline is so powerful that it really makes a lasting effect on you.

    However, 'V For Vendetta' is also one of my favourites. V is such a strong and vigilant character. Perhaps this ties with the above! :p
  7. Congratulations for staying on Emc for two years, hopefully I'll see you in two more :p

    What's your favorite memory from each Smp?
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  8. Congrats Fendy!
    here is the question I think EVERYONE here wants to know, Do you like pie? If so, what type of pie?
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  9. What's your favorite game? Besides Minecraft, that is.
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  10. how did you come up with your username?
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  11. Have you ever flown a kite? (I don't really want the rupees; I'm genuinely curious.)
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  12. What has been your greatest project (besides the museum, that is)?

    Thanks for the giveaway too :)
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  13. Happy 2 years!
    How did you find EMC?
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  14. how old are you?
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  15. What was your best experience on Empire Minecraft (other than seeing me)?
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  16. Happy 2 years
    What's your favorite promo of all time?
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  17. Rather than a specific memory, I'll give a little personal detail on each... Which I suppose is similar/the same? I don't know if it directly answers your question, but here goes ;)

    SMP9 - Home, lots of memories here, lots of friends have come and gone, where 8 of my residences are currently at, where my first home was also!
    SMP8 - I'm in the wild here (thanks to jrm531 ;)) so apart from visiting the EMC Games here on my alt, I haven't actually been on SMP8 that much!
    SMP7 - I commonly seem to spawn at mman's Museum here, that is what I remember on the most part... I also like the community a lot here, a lot of nice people and some great friends live here!
    SMP6 - Had a great PvP session here when PvP came out. I kept dying but hey, it was fun and I remember it!
    SMP5 - I won Mob Arena here a couple of times, they may had been mazes but they still mean something to me!
    SMP4 - The first thing that popped into my head was Shaun's spawn residence, I guess that's a memory? :confused:
    SMP3 - I commonly spawn either at QuarterStop's place or at Tech's Museum, two great friends also :D It used to be quite quiet here, but it seems to be a fair bit louder (sometimes...) now!
    SMP2 - Where my ninth residence is at, I like the little community here and I ALWAYS spawn at 4005 :p
    SMP1 - Where my tenth residence is at, lots of memories here :D

    Probably the worst answer to the question ever, but hey :D
    I like some pies! Let's say, I shall mention my favourite and my worst. Favourite: Beef pie! Worst: Apple pie, and stuff like that...
    I could never decided on a favourite, but I usually play Forza, GTA or BeamNG.drive other than Minecraft. All of them involve cars except for Minecraft, so you could say I like cars a fair bit! :p
    At the time, I liked the FDNY and firefighting in general, and as I could not think of a name, I just randomly put FDNY into it and stuck my house number on the end. Simple ;)
    This reply is getting quite long... Anywho, yes, I have flown one once, though it was when I was like 6? I probably almost lost it, and I didn't fly it for long anyway! :p

    I'm going to reply to the rest in the next post - just a note to all that if I have quoted and liked your post, then you are entered!
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  18. Other than my Museum, my favourite is probably my first residence, actually. I made it myself and it's been around for quite a long time, even if it has constantly changed, so it is an interesting piece to me and it just has some great meaning I guess :D
    My sister told me about the server and said it was good - you have captaincraft300 to thank for myself being here :rolleyes:
    I am 15 years old, though many seem to mistake me for older! Perhaps the combination of my height and my general attitude toward things :)
    I haven't actually seen you in-game as far as I recall, though I can't say I do have a best experience. It has been a long journey and I have had so many experiences in different areas with different people on different servers! People have come and gone, same for creations, but those memories stay the same forever... And that is why I simply cannot choose :)
    My favourite item in general would be the Community Defender because of its significance to me but as for my favourite promo, it would probably be the Remembrance Poppy. It also holds a lot of meaning in general and I think it is a great item!

    All people that I have quoted and all that people that I have liked the posts of have been entered into the draw.
    Those who have not posted yet - feel free to post away! ;)
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  19. Congratz Fendy :)
    1) Do you speak any languages beside English?
    2) If you ever had the oportunity to visit/move to another country, which one would it be?
    3) Who's the first friend you made on EMC?
    4) What made you stay so long on the Empire?
    I knew it! Well except the part about your house number :D

    btw a cool name for your next alt would be NYPB21 :p
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  20. Do you enjoy the PVP arena
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