[5 Years on EMC] Celebratory megastructure

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  1. Dear EMCians,

    5 years ago, on the 6th of October 2011 at 4:40 PM, I logged into main.empireminecraft.com. Little did I know about the huge adventure that I started with that click on the meaningless 'connect to server' button. I was greeted by JustinGuy and the staff-team and started playing once a week, twice a week, 4 times a week, 7 days in the week, until I was hooked. Everyone was so nice, I could do nearly anything I wanted and was supported by each and everyone that crossed my path! And now, 5 years later, I'm among a near extinct race of early early early members who still play. There are a few, I know, but not many. Still, I make new friends every day. Talk to random folk nearly every day and get drawn into odd conversations all around town (on smp1 to 9 & utopia).

    To celebrate my 5 years on EMC I'm going to build a new megastructure on SMP1. Here's a little sneak preview: http://imgur.com/a/IwURT

    It's gonna be built on SMP1 at res 307 308 309 & 417 418 419.

    I also need to have a look for a possible dropparty!

    Anyhow, dear EMCians, friends, mods, admins and everyone who I know is in this family of epic proportions. Here's to another 5 10 (15?!) years!

  2. Mega malls
    Mega evolutions
    Now Mega Structures?

  3. And I thought my 500th day was an achievement *facedesk* Congrats Eclipsys :)
  4. My 5 years is coming up soon, we are both old Eclipsys lol
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  5. Looks great!
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  6. Congrats on 5 years! The structure looks amazing so far.

    It's still gonna be about 2 more months before I reach 5 years.
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  7. Grats on 5 years! The builds look great!
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  8. Amen to that hahaha! Now, where's that EMC retirement home that everyone keeps talking about :p?
  9. Gotta keep on upscaling that stuff :p

    In time, my young padawan.

    Thank you, kloned sir!

    So close, yet so far!
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  10. Build it. (Or get staff to make one :p)
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  11. If only I had started way back when. Congrats on 5 years and another 5+ to come.
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  12. emc is the best!

    gratz on 5 years, thats amazing!!

    and good luck with the mega build ^.^
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  13. 5 years alredey? wow, I just past my 4 about a month ago, congratualtions, fellow-dutchman :)
    and, your build looks great, as usual :)
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  14. I'm sure we got some empty plots on here somewhere :rolleyes:

    You're part of the family now! :D

    Amen to that, and thanks :D

    Thanks mr fellow dutchman sir! :p
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  15. Or maybe ill even build one in the megastructure xD
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  16. Did Galazeek get voted off the build? haha
  17. Nope, Galazeek is still involved :)
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  18. Update

    Materials are being hauled in as we speak!

    First progress should start soon :D
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  19. TIM (Ooooops did I leak your name kikiki) MY FRIEND! So you venture ahead into the far lands of 5 years on EMC. I will follow you in 112 days ;)

    So I pulled up that old District 67 Folder of mine. And looky here:

    Eclipsys Moonshine Mansion

    Hasorko's Aniyuma

    Your building skills were impressive at the time. But looking back I think you have improved even further. ;) Onto another 5 years my Dutch neighbor!

    Eclipsys (right) and Hasorko (Left) in Eclipsys home town!
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  20. You're #3 of the EMCians that i've met irl! And what a blast we had hahaha so good.

    Arriving via the buslane. XD

    I shall visit you in your hometown next sir!

    112 is also the dutch alarm number, I'm pretty sure that isnt a coincidence. It's a sign XD I should sound the alarm, for the jolly germans are invading again.
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