400 days of not logging in, still a residence?! Yup.

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  1. Yes, I've voted for that account every month/5 days for already 400 days, because it still had a residence. That was when my residences still looked like a stair (no, but seriously, I had a 2x2 square, then one extra on the bottom left, and one on the top right, like how you craft stairs :p). Today, my area has grown far beyond those 6 residences, and the time has finally come for it to move to one of my accounts, so my other friend will be able to actually do anything on it :p and to make sure it's actually mine, not some ghost person that I haven't seen in probably atleast a year :p
    I'll claim the residence in a few minutes, so you can still check it out youself, as I still need to take down the last couple of things located there, afterwhich it'll go to one of my alts.

    I love EMC for making something crazy like this possible, thanks. :)

    Goodbye newo2001, your time on EMC has been extended by 400 more days then originally. :)

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  2. You... I have no words for you. :p
  3. I just noticed my English in many of those sentences was quite terrible, lol, whoops :p

    Because there were a few villagers on that residence that I wanted to keep, I had to find a way of gerting thwm to the other residence. Easier said than done. Pushing the villagers over the road made them teleport back. Plan B: make a super ridiculous tall dirt tower with a water-sign elevator inside, let them go above 128 --> able to build there! And then they'd drop back down again, in a little pool. Took me some time to construct, but in the end it worked :D

    *15 hours later* whoops, I forgot to post this... It was really late, in my defense :p
    The villagers teleported back to the residence they came from... -_- meh, at least it's still mine :p
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  4. Little bump for the US players. :)

    Also, this was just on time, as the account that residence is going to is turning back to white again tonight... :p
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  5. Haha, nice!
  6. you're a good person c:
  7. I think my 4000th post should go to this thread. :)

    400 days, 4000 posts. :)

    EDIT: Also 1600 likes :)
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