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How many mods do use on EMC

1-10 48 vote(s) 90.6%
11-20 1 vote(s) 1.9%
21-30 1 vote(s) 1.9%
31-40 3 vote(s) 5.7%
  1. Now Minecraft is again complete for me :). My favorites are: AutoSwitch, InventoryTweaks, Voxelmap and Monster Spawner Highlighter and of course optifine.

    Big props for the developers for doing such a great job and keeping up with the frequent updates. It took quite a while since the last update but my favorites are all back.

    What do you think about mods?
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  2. I would use Rei's Mini map if modding the game wasn't such a chore.

    Right now the number is zero :/
  3. None.
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  4. Um, really? There's no zero in there... :confused:
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  5. Ha, you guys are quick. Voxelmap is pretty good. Rei's didn't work for me in 1.7.2. All my waypoints are lost now :confused:
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  6. Hmm, sorry, hit the Post button on accident. Can I change it afterwards?
  7. Optifine. Thats it.
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  8. Yes, somebody using a mod :)

    What about autoswitch? Does somebody use that one? I find it so practical and really hard to miss. For example one can hold a flare in the hand while mining. When hitting the stone immediatly the equipped pick is in your hand, than on stop it jumps back to the flare and you can place it. If a shovel is equipped it jumps to this one if you encounter dirt or gravel. That's so cool :cool:
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  9. Optifine and I am waiting to find Rei's minimap for 1.7.4
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  10. 2
    Reis mini map
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  11. I use VoxelMap because Rei Minimap didn't work for me and ArmorStatusHUD. The AutoSwitch sounds cool so I will try that.
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  12. Seus, optifine, damage indicator, armor status, buff status, and schematica. Plus the r3d tp
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  13. None at the moment but I need the mods you have :p teach me how or just give me the file for it in your version file :p
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  14. I use nothing i go for traditional minecraft :)
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  15. optifine
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  16. The title of this thread made me think you were some evil genius who captured all of EMC's mods and had them running around trying to escape from a giant monster XD
    But optifine is cool too, I guess.
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  17. I use nothing most of the time but when I want photos or videos I use Optifine and Shaders.
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  18. I haven't played much with mods, but people keep telling me I need to...
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  19. That can't be legal?