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  1. Hey man!

    I am Wolfegab, (will give name privately) and first off I just want to say that I am impressed by Empire Minecraft, truly. I think that the whole system of these servers is fantastic. So after reading your post, I just wanted to put in a request for a moderator on the Empire Minecraft server. I believe that I am one of the oldest members on the Empire minecraft servers. From doing /p wolfegab today it says that I first joined an Empire Minecraft minecraft server 713 days ago! I love building. I live in France and I am bilingual in English (American) and French. I'm here to help and join in meetings and would love to add my ideas to the table. Thank you
  2. As many people might tell you after me, this is certainly not the way to apply, please head to application thread which you can find on the staff page :)
  3. Thank you all :D
  4. wolfegab.. As a former Moderator I can tell you that posting that you wish to become one is not the way to apply. There is a process that you have to follow and rules that go along with that process. If you go to http://empireminecraft.com/threads/emc-staff-application-updated-may-29th-2013.14974/ and follow the link and read the thread it should help you to understand the process. Above all else you should never ask the existing staff about your application or post in any source you wish to be one and why you would make a good one. Not bashing on you, just giving some friendly advice.
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  5. I mentioned this in another thread, but Jack created a neat site a while ago which lists all online staff. Instead of checking all servers with /who, you can use this: http://emc.jackbigg.in/staffonline.php
  6. Absolutely, it can't be expected but it's certainly worth aiming to have at least one Moderator on at all times with perhaps the simple rule of thumb of: If you're the only Moderator online then you need to make sure you server hop and let it be known you're about.

    It's a credit to EMC that they have such a rigorous selection process but this deals its own damage by limiting the number of Moderators. As I say, either a middle ground of moderation powers is needed, or more Moderators.

    Great idea. Again it comes down to a visual deterrence more than anything else. The ultimate aim should be to present a pro-active front in Moderation so people don't step out of line in the first place and knowing a Moderator is on (Although you wont know if they're in-game or in Square away from the computetr and currently watching Blade Runner Directors Cut whilst stuffing their face with pizza) is a positive move.

    Unfortunately easier said than done if you're a brand spanking new player and not aware of how the server works. Also, with the plan to allow the tutorial to be skipped, will this affect the requirement to join the forums?

    With the intention of aiming for a higher player retention and drawing in new players, Moderation and the presence of it is a fairly critical aspect of that. People want to feel safe and protected from abuse, and if they come on a server with no visible Moderation presence, they might not feel it and go elsewhere, or they may come on when someone is kicking off and there's no-one around to stop them and decide EMC isn't for them.
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  7. I'm going to just throw this out here - on my response to the op "Keep in mind that I know you guys have lives away from Emc and that you have family to take care of as well, but I think this is ridiculous (for the lack of a better word). "

    I agree with this - No offence to the moderators selected, but EMC is and for mostly a Minecraft server and game. Yes it's great to select certain moderators for their ability to reason with and handle certain situations.

    However, some moderators are alts, family members of others and can have their account be used by the other people, or have to go away - or not spend all their time on EMC as much as they'd like because they have family to deal with all the time or away on business.

    There are plenty of people that are dedicated to Minecraft, and play 'every' day - they don't have to work, or go to school, or some don't even have to take care of families - which all can slow down someone's ability to be 'all for EMC, and EMC only' . . .

    Yes, making friends or family into staff members are good and all, but that's forgetting one of the main characteristics when selecting someone is their dedication, devotion, and how they interact with others - not because you like them.
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  8. /report and or contact some one on the site if you cant find any in game is your best bet normal any staff near a computer and moderate with the tools we have and some like me can do so even from there cell phone. So please before making rant post like this try all the options available to you.

    you may have to wait a bit but i assure you the issue can be delt with
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