26 Staff Members and None Online

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  1. I've recently been in the need of a moderator or staff member. But see that none are roaming the land of Emc.

    My question is why? Why have 26 staff members and not have one online? Wouldn't you pick people from different parts of the world to keep Emc in order?

    Keep in mind that I know you guys have lives away from Emc and that you have family to take care of as well, but I think this is ridiculous (for the lack of a better word).

    I apologize for posting a frustrated thread about staff, I just want justice to be served.
  2. I agree. Although, the majority of people are from the US, and so it's most likely the the majority of prime candidates for staff live in the US. And right now is an awkward time in both Australia and Europe, in Europe, it's 7am-ish, in Australia, it's nearly dinnertime :p
  3. None online eh?
  4. As of the time I needed help, yes.
  5. And actually, you're still not ingame :p
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  6. Actually I am, Just on an alt afk :p
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  7. Hehehehehe, Teh Chicken haz all teh alts
  8. Your name is not green, therefore staff is not online.

    -Point for deathconn
  9. lololol. i have a few (can't say what all of them are)

    But staff don't have to be online to see reports. Which we rely on a lot for moderating stuff.
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  10. The incident was not worth reporting for I did not have proof. I needed to simply talk to a staff member
  11. This is understandable. We simply cannot be around 24/7. Just isn't feasible ;)
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  12. If we can find anyone that's usually online at this time we can fix this issue. :rolleyes:
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  13. If you are suggesting yourself, I don't warm fuzzy koala's would be good. They tend to fall asleep alot :p (no offence)
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  14. Just like any player they can be on the site looking around at everything without their online status being shared ;)

    If something isn't worth reporting then perhaps it isn't worth involving the staff in at all, some things which players assume are for staff can be fixed by a knowledgeable player, I'm not saying what you needed didn't need staff, just as a general note.

    The staff are on whenever they can be and sometimes they simply can't, they all have lives (except chickeneer :p) which sometimes hold them back from EMC ;) #jks.chick
  15. Was not implying myself, I would break Emc.

    In this case, I do indeed need a staff member. A theft of valuable items does need a staff's attention (I would think so). I can't prove if it was someone even though I'm certain of it.
  16. Fair enough, theft would seem to big enough of an issue to simple report the suspected player, or if you are entirely unsure of who it is just start a PM with one of the staff members. Theft really doesn't require an immediate reply...
  17. I think emc needs some Aussie moderators because when ever i need one their all online at 3am for me >.>
  18. You have a point. But myself, and maybe some other players, want things to get situated quickly so that it gets over with and so it doesn't take longer than it actually was intended to.
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  19. Shaun, NurseKJ and 5weety are Australian. :)
  20. If I could I would like that post a million times. I know quite a few Aussies that may be perfect for the job. But i'm not sure if they're perfect compared to the staff handbook. :p