2022 Re-revamped promo price thread!

Discussion in 'Price Inquiries' started by Raaynn, Jan 3, 2020.

  1. Current Spike price is based on actual sales last year, and in general all the items from spikes to full Armour sold for around this price, with the costa of sparks around the 750 to 1000 rango.

    Same for pricing of witches gems, which were based on the cost of single gems plus number of sparks required in total
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  2. Ahh I'll explain here just so you and others know what they do :)

    The enchanted blaze powder Sparks are an item that can drop from every EMC custom mob. They can be used to turn regular food into Fiery food at a 1:8 ratio (giving saturation and fire resistance for 10 seconds), or upgrade items like the Witch's Gem and Steel.

    Sparks are generally around 950r each, Katy's mob drops barn on smp8 has a good chest for them that you can buy/sell from.

    Steel spikes are an item that can only drop from Enraged Silverfish. 1 Steel Spike can be upgraded to a Charged Steel Spike with 1 spark, and then 9 Charged Spikes make 1 Steel Ingot. The ingots can then be used to craft Steel armor using the normal crafting recipes for armor.

    So accordingly, if you're selling Charged Spikes at 9k each, then un-sparked Steel Spikes should be 8k :)
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  3. Like I bought Donner at two different shops. 18k and at another for 30k.
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  4. I think, at the end of the day, blaze powder or not, getting spikes can be hard since enraged silverfish instantaneously burn everythin up and and if you try to do it in water your drops get nerfed. I've personally sold at least 9 of them to several diff people for higher rates. I'll just leave it at that. Demand is high, so should be the pricing.

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  5. Why aren't Steel Ingots worth exactly 9x the Charged Steel Spike when the crafting recipe is just that: 9 Charged Steel Spikes to an Ingot?
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  6. Let me check, may have been sales of ingots at that time. Many were sold after the chest hunts...
  7. Just saw I have a 'Getting Started' book.

    What are those worth? Does anyone know?
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  8. Not too much, as they are quite common... a few hundred rupees..

    The "Next steps"s book is the very scarce item
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  9. Anyone buy or sell the easter bunny lately? Not the brown one listed, the one version that was suppose to be deleted via an game version update but since we skipped that game version it remained.
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  10. Also would like to know, as price has never been listed due to the item not being allowed to be sold at the time.
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