2021 Staff Head Thread, Acquisition and Prices

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Do you collect staff heads?

Yes 33 vote(s) 57.9%
No 12 vote(s) 21.1%
maybe I will 12 vote(s) 21.1%
  1. 2020-02 Integration done, started including prices

    2021 Promo Price Thread emc.gs/t/81637
    Check out the Staff Signature Acquisition Thread by q1zx at emc.gs/t/75858!

    In the following order:
    1. Admins
    2. Senior Staff
    3. Developers
    4. Retired Admin/SS/Dev
    5. Moderators
    6. Retired Staff / Alts
    Senior Staff:
    • AlexC__: There are likely about 20-30 around
    • BigDavie: Prize for staff event
    • chickeneer: Will trade heads if asked nicely
    • ElfinPineapple: Obtainable by killing him at a staff-hosted PvP event
    • Hashhog: Has a few floating around, might sell at museum for 50k
    • RainbowChin: At least 60 exist
      • PvP Head: Prize for staff PvP event "Kill That Chin". 200k
    • The_Boulder: Prize for staff PvP event
    • chickeneer: Will trade heads if asked nicely
    • MrSocks75: 2 exist- 1st found by BrenJone (bought by raaynn) 2nd won by Tower (bought by EvilToade)
    • TheCritic: 3 known
    Retired Admin / SS / Dev and Other Info:
    • JustinGuy: None exist :/ sorry
    • GameKribJeremy: None exist :/ sorry
    • IceCreamCow: At least a couple exist
      • IceCreamCow Valentine's Day head promo 5Mil
      • EMCCon 2012 Icecreamcow's Head- 2 exist (more info here)
    • Maxarias: Only promos exist. these average 80k
    • AusQB: None exist :/ sorry
    • B4DMAN5IMON: Only one in existence
    • Dark_Liz: (at least 1 exists, but owned by Empire)
    • Elite: unknown
    • Eviltoade: Prize for personal events 1.5mil
    • GameKribJim: At least a couple exist
    • ignoramoose: exist (currently used by Krysyy)
    • ItsMeMatheus: Selling for 2Mil at 3016
    • JDHallows: Prize at staff event
    • ---> JDHallows PvP |
    • just_five_fun: at least a few exist
    • JesusPower2: At least a couple exist
    • MileHi: None exist :/ sorry (last used prior to heads) Justin/Jeremy test account
    • PirateOfDW: unknown
    • Sazukemono: At least a few exist
    • shaunwhite1982: A few are in circulation
    • WA9ACE: A couple exist (RogueRevan 4mil)
    Moderators: continued in post 2

    Admin section at v3.0.0, everything else v2.12.3
    Please note that I am not responsible if the info on this thread is not 100% accurate! This thread is fueled by the community and its experiences with obtaining staff heads. Most, if not all, of these are not my own findings, but from auctions or confirmed sales..
  2. Moderators:
    • AncientTower: Was selling for 2,000,000r at 4945, 3 exist (1 at PWU). (upd. 2020-01)
      • AncientHalloween: 35 in circulation (2017/18 version) (250k 2018 10)
        • 5 in (2019 version)
      • AncientValentine: N/A
      • Tower_: None exist
      • CallMeTower: (Alt) At least 32 exist.
      • ChristmasTower: 6 exist. No longer obtainable.
    • AnonReturns: At least 10 in circulation
    • BurgerKnight:
      • Green: Approx. a dozen in circulation
      • Orange: Will exchange for 1 compliment given in Town Chat. Also may be given for completing a task for BK. Was selling for 2k at 5688 on Utopia.
    • carolmoss: There are heads in circulation, but she does not give them out. She may give a signature if asked politely.
    • crystaldragon13: 14 heads in circulation from Halloween '17. A few old orange heads in circulation.
    • deadmon5: Will trade heads (2020-01)
    • jaqque: exist
    • JNightwind: exist (2020-02)
      • regular: provides to museums, occasionally others on a case by case
      • DJ Nightwind: 3 in circulation (2020-06)
      • halloween: none given yet
    • JohnKid: Quite a few around
    • Luckygreenbird:
      • Green: Will give head if asked politely.
      • Red: For sale for 500k.
    • MoreMoople: unknown number in circulation, given out as prize for certain events.(2020-01)
    • NickkG: Only 3 exist as of last asking
    • Raaynn: currently given via events only
      • Blue: about 10 in circulation.
      • Green: 7 in circulation.
    • weeh: Free to museums, otherwise unknown

    • Aikar's Alts:
      • EmpireMinecraft: N/A
    • Krysyy's prev. :
      • RoseyBelle (orangekrysyy) : 1 known
    • RainbowChin's Alts:
      • MoonbowChin: A few in circulation
      • Aikarias: exist
      • DerelictPolicy: exist
      • ForumUser: exist
    • AlexC__ Prev. Name and Alts:
      • Prev. Name:
        • AlexChance: exist
      • Alts:
        • AlexMcAlexFace: N/A
        • EnragedAlex: N/A
    • ElfinPineapple Prev. Name:
      • ElfinPineapple0: A couple exist, unsure of method of acquisition.
    • Hashhog's Prev. Name and Alts:
      • Prev. Name:
        • hashhog3000: exists
      • Alts:
        • TheApostrophe: exists
        • GoldenHashhog: exists
    • The_Boulder's Alts:
      • The_Pebble: Available for purchase for 2r at 5688 (Only 10 avail. per month)
    • ItsMeMatheus's Alts:
      • EMC: Fairly rare, to some extent.
    • chickeneer's Alts:
      • ChickenEar: exist
      • duckeneer: N/A
      • pigeoneer: N/A
      • turkeneer: N/A
      • EyeCar: None exist
    • JDHallows' Prev. Names and Alts:
      • Prev. Names:
        • JDHallow: N/A on exact amount, but these heads probably won't be released again
        • jhall10: Quite a few exist
      • Alts:
        • ProfessorHallows: None exist
        • DarkLordHallows: None exist
        • WeasleyHallows: None exist
    • RogueRevan's Prev. Name:
      • C0deMaver1ck: None exist
    • BurgerKnight's Prev. Names:
      • BlackKnight1021: 5k
      • KnightyNight: 5k
    • carolmoss's Alts:
      • TheMossMonster: 13 exist from a giveaway around Halloween '17.
      • Sammerz: None known to be in existence.
    • EmperorMelon's Prev. Names:
      • Manchildie: exist
      • ArchdukeMelon: 1.2 mil (upd. 2020-01)
    • JohnKid's Prev. Names:
      • ThatSillyJohnKid: Quite a few exist.
    • Sachrock's Alts:
      • If it begins with Deco_, it has a lot of heads in existence. And I mean a LOT.
    • weeh's Alts:
      • w33h: N/A
      • _weeh_: N/A

    Admin section at v3.0.0, everything else v2.12.3
    Please note that I am not responsible if the info on this thread is not 100% accurate! This thread is fueled by the community and its experiences with obtaining staff heads. Most, if not all, of these are not my own findings, but from auctions or confirmed sales.
  3. Retired Staff

    • 5weety: exists
    • Ahksel: exists
    • Ahzrael
    • allengero: exists
    • Amadai: exists
    • AncientLore
    • AndrewBuchinger
    • Aphaea: exists
    • ArtemisV: exists
    • AusQB see above
    • AZHamster: exists
    • B4DMAN5IMON see above
    • barks87
    • Baradar67 150k about 15 heads
    • batmegh: exists
    • bitemenow15: exists
    • Blackstone71: exists
    • bloodra1n
    • bob23646
    • bonzd67: exists
    • BreezyMan 250k
    • Burki: 2 exist (fBuilderS 10-15 exist) (Fubbadub exist)
    • Crazy1080
    • Czarina_Julie: exists
    • d1223m
    • DarkModFallen: 5-10 exist 750k (EffinBatman)
    • Dark_Liz see above
    • Dark_Nidus: exists
    • Deathtomb8953: exists
    • Dreacon78; apparently 2 in existence
    • DrewRadio: exists
    • DWmom 250k (range 150-300)
    • EdmundWayne
    • Elite see above
    • EmperorMelon
    • EvilBlo: exists
    • Eviltoade see above
    • FaustLauncher
    • FDNY21 400k sells at smp9 museum
    • GameKribJEREMY/IcecreamCow see above
    • GameKribJim see above
    • Green_Mystery: exists
    • hatorijr
    • highlancer54: exists
    • HxCami10 100k
    • iamcavie 100k
    • ItsMeMatheus see above
    • IceQueenDawn 100k (Dramanya 65k)
    • iSmooch: exists
    • JackBiggin: sold head, but price was constantly changing.
    • JDHallows see above
    • JesusPower2 see above
    • just_five_fun see above
    • JustinGuy see above
    • LittleRobotSeffy (seffychan) exists
    • Live2DieSlowly: Only one in existence, supposedly
    • Luneyia: exists
    • Malicaii12
    • margaritte: exists
    • MauryPoppins
    • Maxarias see above
    • MercenaryCrow: exists
    • Melk73: exists
    • MileHi see above
    • Myeno
    • NinjaBroccoli_ : exists
    • NurseKillJoy
    • NZScruffy: exists
    • OrigamiJoe: exists
    • PirateofDW see above
    • R0bbieJo: exists
    • roja22
    • Sachrock: exists
    • samsimx 40k
    • Sazukemono see above
    • shaunwhite1982: exists
    • shavingfoam: exists
    • Silken_Thread: Sells his head at 13131 on smp6 for 30k rupees
    • SkeleTin007 Free
    • slozon
    • Slvr Free (LongJohnSlvrs, SilvrBuildBlocks *Unobtaiable, SlvrBuildsBlocks Free and (Black Coffee, Mountain Dew, Orange Soda 100-150k) Corrupted 360k)
    • superdog93: exists
    • ThaKloned: very few in circulation
    • The_Drifter92
    • Tikiman678: exists
    • Torian42: some exist https://empireminecraft.com/threads/selling-moderator-head-torian42.41429/#post-777853 1mil
    • Twitch1
    • Uber_Corq: exists
    • WA9ACE see above
    • xXvexenXx: exists
    • Zegridathes: exists
    • Zion_Moyer: exists
  4. Oh wow, seeing AlexC__'s name brings back memories from early 2015... :)
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  5. yep, still on the Senior Staff
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  6. I paid 1.2 mil for ArchdukeMelon
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  7. 2 of my AncientTower heads are owned by two different players and 1 head is on display in some afk room at the smp8 PWU Ghast killing place I can't remember the name of.

    EDIT: AncientHalloween heads I'll get you a new number when i find my thread. I gave heads out at 3 different Halloween year events and the last event the skin was changed.
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  8. He actually changed his name in 2016, though, not 2015. ;)

    Taking this one on too, Raaynn? :D Cool!
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  9. I'm sure there are a decent amount of my heads floating around from back when I did a lot of PvP with my head drop on :rolleyes:

    For a year or so now I have only given them out as prizes in certain events. I released three heads during the first Firefloor event that I hosted. :)
  10. Have updated to current staff, and begun integrating lists/prices. If anyone has any price info they would be willing to share please pm me :) Thanks
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  11. Czarina_Julie: exists
    margaritte: exists
    Melk73: exists

    1st two i have seen, 3rd i just remember hearing about, i think it was a prize for completing his Maze and parkour
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  13. added, thanks mate. Also wondering, how many of your second edition Halloween head went out?
  14. 5 head were won in the raffle.
  15. I have The Critic's head but no clue how much it's worth, I think he gave it to me or it was in an auction with other heads.
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  16. I own a Melk73 head, an old version though. That says "melk73".
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  17. 2020-02 lists Integration done, started including prices
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  18. What's Aikar New Year 2016 worth? I do not see it in the list and wish to sell one ;)
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  19. Oop.. typing error now corrected
    It's estimated at 400k
  20. I've got a ChickenEar head any idea on rarity?
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