2021 draw your skin contest

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  1. I have a very interesting challenge for everyone. Every year, I'll do one of these. Basically, you draw your skin as a human (or, if it's a mob, do that), but I give you an extra theme. The theme is optional, but it adds a fun challenge. If you do the theme, you just have to do your skin with that theme. Example: I say the theme is "villager", you'd draw your skin as a Villager, or trading, or whatever, as long as it has a villager. I will say what the theme is in the thread, and it'll change from time to time. Feel free to do another drawing of your skin, or one with the theme and one without. Just only do drawing comments or quotes! Ones that don't follow these rules will be deleted! Also, be nice about drawings, even if you don't think they're good.
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  2. The current theme (optional) is: heart (cuz Valentine's day is soon)!
  3. Here is my go at this.
    I tried interpreting the heart theme in 2 ways:
    1. "things I love/like", so i added some references to mining, redstone, etc
    2. litteraly the "heart" of my skin. my inner layer and outer layer are completely different.

    thanks for the challenge

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  4. Wow, that's amazing!! :D

    I'm not a visual artist, and will skip on this challenge, but I like the idea. :) I did draw my own skin. ;)
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  5. Noice.
  6. FINALLY! People posted!
  7. https://imgur.com/a/7TU95lN
    I didn't do the theme, but that's me with a sword and elytra.
    It's a little inspired by my real appearance.
  8. gr3ylon, I don't know what you woke up inside of me with this challenge, but for some reason I can't stop drawing anymore.
    So in order not to keep it bottled up, I'm just going to keep throwing my drawings on this page.
    Let's hope some more people start joining in, to keep each other inspired.


    (and before anyone ask: Yes, this is a Jojo reference)
  9. Heh, great! Yes, it'd be cool if other people made some contributions too. :)
  10. I'm not letting this thread fall silent untill we have some more contributions.
    Does Photoshop count as drawing?
  11. Ha, nice one!
    Without the Minecraft avatar superposed, I could've imagined this being part of the official commercial. :D Or, wait... did you take a still from the advert and just edit the gameplay picture? If so, that's clever. :p
  12. I guess Photoshop is ok.
  13. Day 4 of keeping this thread alive.
    This time I actually went with your theme. (just too late for valentines)

    -gr3ylon, if this gets annoying, let me know and I'll stop.
    -607, i did not take a screenshot from an advert, just stock footage from the internet.
    -come on other people, I know there are a lot of talented artists on this site, we need more drawings.
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  14. Nice drawing.

    Oh, btw, the theme is now: Nether Update
  15. Wow, I love it! Very cute. :) I think the water is very well done as well.
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  16. Thanks for the new theme.
    looking forward to using the blue and red color scheme more.
    In the meantime, Day 5 of posting skin drawings:
  17. Looks good.

  18. Tried doing it with the theme
  19. We are getting some traction it seems. and since some staff seems to get invested, I started a bigger project.
    sneak peek: