2021 draw your skin contest

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  1. I like the latest two, but, isn't the theme still Nether Update? o.(o) I'm a bit confused. :p
  2. My time to work on this has been very limited, but I did sketch something out. I will finish it when I find the time and post it here. :)

    That already looks amazing! I'm excited to see how it turns out. Have you considered doing art commissions on the forums? :D
  3. The current theme is indeed nether update, but i assume it is still just an optional theme. (Although I'm trying to add it in one of the next drawings)

    Gr3ylon, perhaps update your second post to include the current theme to make it more clear for new people joining in, since we now have multiple pages?

    MoreMoople, nice sketch aleady.
    Before last week I didn't even know people did commisions on these forums, so perhaps i should start.
    (But first finish the drawings for this thread)
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  4. We have always had lots of artists on EMC, providing their services with or without a charge. :)
  5. Oh, and, yes, the theme is still nether update. It's also still optional.
  6. Can't wait to see how it turns out.
  7. Btw, ty guys for posting so much. I love your drawings, and there are so many that I'm having trouble keeping up.
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  8. IKR... I drew my self in vanished mode.... like i'm there but you can't see me.
  9. I'm still working on a bigger drawing, but since this thread isn't on the the front page anymore, I'll refresh it with a nether drawing. (also to make sure 607 is not confused anymore)

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  10. Hey, is that in the style of Don't Starve? :D
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  11. AT & AC :p
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  12. Smort
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  13. Who is ac? Ik that at is ancienttower, but idk who AC is.
  14. AC is AlexC__, a Senior Staff member and the other Contribution Team Leader. :)
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  15. Oh.
  16. It has been some time since this thread was active.
    So here I am, probably for the last time.
    I finished my big project, a small tribute to our current staff.

    (big image, so you will probably have to zoom in ;) )

    Thanks for the project and inspiration everyone.

    -update: corrected a name-
  17. I love that so much!!! :love: :<3::love: :<3:
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  18. Wow, and thanks to you! What a great piece of art!
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