[ 2019 ] ART COMMISSIONS [ open ]

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Have you been a commissioner on my old thread?

Heck ya man! 16 vote(s) 28.1%
na mate, been busy gettin rich 41 vote(s) 71.9%
  1. I forgot to do this a bit ago, my bad :p Uhm... Mine doesn't fit the format well.
    what are you ordering: private commission as discussed previously
    when can you send payment: already paid what was discussed
    do you want your MC skin drawn, or something else: skin (kind of)
    link what character/person here(leave empty if choosing skin): N/A
    any extra information i should know? Discussed elsewhere.

    (Moreso a reminder- didn't see it on the list of orders, and remembered you said you might forget if in DM? Not a push, just a tiny poke)
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  3. had to drop in and ask big homie for a commish real quick
    can i get a skull wearing a biltwell gringo helmet doing the skull grin with a fat cigar sticking out its mouth. also flames in the eyes would be really cool. just a skull no body
    thx big daddy
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  4. *Gaming Comander uses Max Revive*
    No way Im letting my favorite art/meme thread not be bumped for SPOOKTOBER
    *Dooting Intensifies*