2012 Olympic Games

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  1. So that opening ceremony was fantastic in my opinion. Different approach than in Beijing 4 years before, but still amazing in my eyes. What did y'all think? By the way, Team USA For The Win. Also, what country is going to win the most medals?
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  2. People talking right now, Y U NO STOP TALKING AND GIVE US PAUL?
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  3. I see we have a Canada supporter here haha. I'll root for y'all behind the USA and Switzerland if that counts :)
  4. imgres.jpg Legit, we have a competition...
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  5. Proud people are the Scots! I actually just visited their for tourism purposes, amazing place the UK :) Bought a couple of shirts from Scotland actually... I wear them proudly.
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  6. :)
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  8. (Readies Beaver army.) Have at thy.
  9. NZ for the win! (then USA go homies!)
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  10. Austrailia, another formitable foe ;) I hope y'all do well too :)
  11. New Zealand, I hope y'all get some medals as well, y'all are an awesome country :)
  12. I didn't knew that thing was today...
  13. Canada for the win :)
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  14. That's a shame, you missed quite a show. You probably can find it somewhere on the internets though if you really, really wanted to see it.
  15. The Canadians are rocking this forum discussion so far ;) Where my USA homies at?
  16. hey dude I'm going mostly for america (to be honest NZ doesn't have a big team) arkansas for the win! (my home town!)
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  17. Arkansas eh? We are neighbors then...neighboring states that is :) Tennessee here. Why New Zealand then?
  18. I live in NZ I moved out 6 years ago :D but I want USA to pwn face at waterpolo :D
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