1577 is Dead.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by TomCasalino, Sep 20, 2012.

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  1. Hello, my name is TomCasalino, these are just some screen shots of when HappyShopper closed 1577 for good:

    Happyshopper & Daegoo with 1783 in the background.
    Same picture, but with f1 on and different people.
    a scene of who was there, Coffee_bullet playing in lava, and Aikar And Maxarias Looking deep into the flames...
    A picture of CrumpetGuy6935's new res- 1577
    A [TAB] screenshot of everyone on the server at the time.
    Aikar looking into the lava, as seen from behind Maxarias.
    Another picture of the pandemonium @ 1577.
    Another angle :p
    And another Screenie XD
    A shot of the mods and ICC.
    What i got from selling most of the diamonds and gold from the casino :p
    Sorry for all the extra nonsense, im not a professional Screentogorapher :p
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  2. Why would you start a poll asking if you want someone to leave? Just because he closed the shop, doesn't mean hes going to leave. I don't like to see people to leave EMC, and i hope happyshopper does NOT leave.
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  3. me too, its just a poll though, so vote that you dont want him to leave :p
  4. im so glad i live on smp8, to many people for my likeings
  5. 0.o okay.........
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  6. How do u make a poll??
  7. i m kinda annoyed that the casino got destroyed i was one of the supporters who donated 100k :( to it
    however i got
    3 1/2 stacks diamond blocks
    4 stacks iron blocks
    3 stacks gold blocks
    so yer :D
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  8. Why would Happy leave? Unless he's being forced to leave then there shouldn't be any reason for the poll?

    Edit: Also, those poll questions are a bit Biased. :confused: "Yes! I'm a Jerk!" is kinda...I dunno how to put it. Anyways...
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  9. I'm pretty sure happy said he was just moving to the wild.
  10. All I can see in this thread is starting arguments
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  11. oh i didnt see that :p
  12. Maiapapaya was on D:
  13. Should have been on for the party.
  14. everyone if u want fast cash sell your iron gold and diamond u got from the destruction to 1004 smp1
    many people have made thousands of rupees already be selling to 1004 :D
  15. I am the Fire King.

    Obey me, fools.
  16. Wait what?! I was on at that time! D:
    I didn't know Happy closed the casino, just that he's banned for a few days and is coming back.
  17. HappyShopper looks happier than I expected in these screenshots.
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  18. griefing party for the casino? derm knew i would miss something.
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  19. Don't advirtise ...
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