10 Million Rupee Job System

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  1. EVERYONE, 72volt is making a tunnel system on smp5, i have estimated that this is a 10 million rupee job,. We need as much help we can get.

    This is a HUGE tunnel network for easy access on smp5....

    This is NOT a joke, we need help!!!!
  2. So... if I help, I got 10M rupees?
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  3. lol legit
    he means it will cost 10 million approximatly with their help right now
  4. NO, the job will cost about 10M
  5. thank you nole
  6. If you don't believe Inu, have a look at this.

    Does anyone know what this is?
    I know some smarta** will say the live map, but this is LESS THAN 1% OF THE BLUEPRINT OF THE MAP OF THE ENTIRE PROJECT. Each dot represents an entrance into the tunnel network.

    An income stream for the project will be derived by two main things.
    1. Selling off mined resources to big shops.
    2. Hiring Tunnel Guides to help people get around the tunnel.

    If you wanna help out, contact Inuyasha. He's leading the project as the Foreman.
    If you own a big shop and want supplies, contact me.
  7. Please Ask 72volt for more info
  8. Looks really awesome, I'd love to help, but one BIG problem:
    A type of people called Griefers.
  9. The team working on this will constantly be fixing griefings as well as expanding the tunnel.
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  10. you should start after it is decided if the wild will be reset
  11. Wow, 10 million? I'll buy some of the redstone from the project, as long as it's not crazy expensive.
  12. how long will this take?
  13. I still wanna mine SMP5 on a large scale, even if a reset is coming.
  14. I want to be a digger
  15. Understood and noted.

    Ask Inuyasha when he's leading his team out.
  16. well one thing that would help would be food stations at the entrances
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  17. isn't 72 the same person who thought he could make a massive lava wall and charge for people to go to the wild. i thought he got banned for planning to massively grief the wild. same with his "foreman" lol
  18. Yes
  19. Yes, this is an adjusted splinter project of that.
    No griefing or lava walls, just helpfulness to the Empire community this time.
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