1.9 is coming, but our condolences to Aikar

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  1. This thread is to show support to our owner and overlord Aikar in his time of need.
    this thread is not to argue about anything 1.9 related
    lets be respectful ya'll:

    Aikar, I hope you realise how much people care about your wellbeing, not just for keeping our server running as great as it does but also from the veterans who have spent years alongside you and learning about your weird little quirks. I wish you the best of luck and hope that this event helps ease the pain of passing.
  2. Indeed! We as the EMC community are behind you! :) (that's an expression, right?)
  3. Like when he came to my outpost while invisible and placed a dirt block there way up in the sky. It still stands today. IGN/10 best gift I've ever been given.

    Good luck Aikar.
  4. Deep respect, bite me (yes, some pun intended).

    Nice idea and I too would like to show my support. Best you forget all about the update for now Aikar and focus on family. BUT... If you need it, if you want some distraction and / or just an outlet to vent then don't forget about your second, internet / Minecraft family: us.

    Most of all I wish Aikar strength and wisdom in these dark times. If you need us well be here.
  5. Well said Bite, well said... We are all thinking of you Aikar and understand, 1.9 can wait, we will still be here.
  6. Sending hug bots to Aikar as we speak :D
  7. Family is the most important part of our lives Aikar, so take as much time as you need or want.
  8. Very well put Sir Bite!

    Aikar, just know that people out here like you and care about you. Take whatever time you need. Your family comes first.
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  9. If we cared that much about an update none of us would still be here. We are here because the server and it's staff are one of a kind. Thanks for continuing to run it Aikar, Krysyy and staff!
  10. Well, Aikar... im sad for your state :(. As said family is very important to us all.
    so most of us know what you mean.
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  11. i wish there was a love button instead of just a like ❤️❤️❤️

    the best thing you've done that made my entire day.. was when the update released with flowers and bat eggs, and i begged for weeks for you to let me buy bat eggs.. and then i was out in the wild getting flowers and you spawned hundreds of bats around me and it was absolutely amazing!
  12. i also want 2 wish Aikar all the best and best wishes for him and his family :(

    really hoping u guys will pull through this!
  13. Hope everything goes well Aikar, As mentioned above Family is definitely the most important. Everyone here in EMC are supporting you through this! No matter how far you postpone the update we are all happy that you and the staff are keeping EMC running everyday! (Puts a Hug Emoji)
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  14. Aikar, you have taken the time to listen to our needs and desires, now it is our turn to listen to yours. Thank you <3
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  15. Edit: a bit too much drama.

    Yes, I am bending the rules here. => Yes, I am playing the system here.


    because I can (so I hope ;)) but most of all because I think this thread honestly deserves a few bumps every once in a while (triggered by this post).

    Edit: Hardly any rule bending if you bump a thread by posting a new message instead of a mere bump ;) Still, my version sounded cooler :D
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  16. Just found this thread, it definitely needs to be bumped more as shell mentioned.

    All of us who have lost loved ones, feel your pain Aikar. As you are there for your mother and loved ones; know you have people concerned for you too.
    Know that you, and all who mourn, are never alone.

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  17. Hadn't seen this one yet either. Love ya Aikar, my thoughts are still with you for sure. :)
  18. The one man army...
    the one man band...
    the one man company...

  19. Just found this thread as well. Thanks so much for all your hard work, Aikar. Our thoughts are with you and we will support you no matter what.
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  20. My thoughts go out to Aikar and his family.
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