1.7 Update - Still a bit away

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Aikar, Nov 13, 2013.

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  1. Hey everyone.

    Just a reminder that we can not update to 1.7 until CraftBukkit is updated.

    You can essentially say "1.7 is only out for Single player". Once 1.7 is released for multiplayer (CraftBukkit), we will then likely need AT LEAST another week to wait for bug fixes and update our own code.

    So, at this time, you should expect another 1-2 weeks before we update, as we simply can't even start yet until CB is done.
    This is one of the largest minecraft updates in history, and is taking everyone a very long time.


    PS: The servers you see that say are not actually 1.7, but using a hack to let 1.7 on but still is actually 1.6.
    I will not be updating EMC to use this hack, as it is extremely confusing and misleading. Please keep a special profile for EMC that uses 1.6.

    Refer to http://update.emc.gs for help on doing that.
  2. Well, this is what makes EMC unique and epic. The fact we literally have to wait to update ourselves makes me actually want to play more, because I have a sense that EMC isn't your average server with public plugins. :)
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  3. From what I heard it's technically not a hack, but more a protocolupdate so that 1.7 clients are able to connect to the server.
    However, items do not work. There is only 1 item changed, and that is the red flower (now a Poppy). Other flowers and items turn into a poppy or stone when clicked...
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  4. third? We still like you Aikar :p
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  5. #stillblamingaikar
    jk, another server i was on still isn't updated to 1.6 because of more coding issues. I think people seem to think that we should be updated faster but they don't understand the work aikar is doing. This update is really hurting everyone. REI and Optifine aren't updated yet either. Pretty much everything needs little tweaks and people underestimate what this take. I used to code a bit but it was nothing compared to what aikar does and even then i had trouble not tearing out my hear. Thanks for everything aikar. IT is no longer #blameaikar or #stillblamingaikar but now it is #thankaikar.
  6. Its alright, I don't mind waiting :)
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  7. I decoded the message

    Edit: forgot the f
    Man, that's an epic LOL
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  9. hey everyone, we can update we dont want to
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  10. Rude much?
  11. How so?
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  12. The way the protocol thing works fits the definition of a "Hack" perfectly =P It's sloppy and not a polished change.
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  13. I saw one server is updated to 1.7 (including mine) and they're both CraftBukkit. Are you talking about the plugins (most not updated) or the craftbukkit.jar file (updated as a dev file)?
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  14. Not rude, just a joke. Sky (if I remember correctly) decodes many things. If he put were to lazy to, yes that's rude but just a non-harmful "lol were not gonna update" is just fine :)

    Why did I stick my butt into this argument? Because you both need an outside perspective of it
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  15. Well, that's the hacky stuff aikar was talking about...
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  16. This may be the largest update, but Dragon Tombs are the longest!
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  17. While I agree with you that it is meant to be a joke, a joke is only good/useful if it is conveyed the right way. The target audience he meant to hit was not actually hit, so it doesn't come off as a joke. I recognized it as a joke because I am use to seeing SkyDragon's heavily sarcastic and "you are all peasants" post style, but others might not be used to that.
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  18. I did not give you permission to speak!
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  19. I dont mind waiting :) Just looking forward to dragon tomb but with all these minecraft updates its going to take longer .-.
  20. Any hope of dragon tombs coming out soon after 1.7?
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