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  1. Hey everyone,

    Here is a list of currently known bugs and status for 1.4 on EMC
    Update: many big ones fixed.

    Vanilla Minecraft Bugs
    • Wither sounds heard server wide
      When someone fights a Wither, apparently everyone on the server can hear the sounds... So if you hear weird sounds, don't panic, someone's fighting a Wither.
    • Torch particles showing all over the place
    Fixed issues
    • Wooden buttons can be triggered by thrown objects without permissions
      Players can trigger wooden buttons on your residence because no event has been added to block this, the same as Anvil damage. Waiting on Bukkit to add an Event for this to fix it.
    • Wither Skeletons, Witches and natural Blaze do not spawn after server restarts
      No existing fortress or witch hut will spawn these monsters. If you discover a new chunk they will spawn there, but as soon as the server is restarted they will no longer spawn there.

      Bukkit has fixed the issue and it will go out on next EMC deploy.

      We recommend waiting on looking for Wither skeletons until this is deployed.
    • Bad Packet ID
      Sometimes a world can get into a state where certain players become "infected", and everytime they try to login everyone who is in that world gets disconnected.

      We've done some initial work into this by working with Mojang developers themselves, but they indicate its likely something wrong in the world itself at the location the players are logging into...

      Restarting the servers curbs the issue so we have enabled 2 hour reboots to hold it off for now.
    • Items occasionally go back to chest (1.3 bug, still around)
      This issue is still causing problems, and it seems it can also happen to items retrieved from vault! One player sadly lost 3 Wither Skulls...

      We recommend trying to avoid the vault for very important items unless you know how to avoid this issue (maybe the 1.4.3 update fixes it...) And hopefully the server restarts will help.
    • Harvesting crops (or any one hit block) sometimes breaks block below them
      Bukkit issue. be careful placing torches on spawners!
    • Access Signs
      When updating to 1.4 I was cleaning up the code for access signs making it more re-usable and cleaner. Ended up introducing a few bugs with it, but its been resolved and will be fixed soon as we update (later today)

      A 2nd wave of fixes has been applied and access should be fully restored
    • Container permissions require use
      This was caused with the overall code changes, and now has been reverted back to not require use permissions.
    • Carrot and Potato have "Item" at end of name for shops
      Fixed, now is plain Carrot and Potato.
    • Wood buttons do not check for use flag
      Currently anyone can use your wooden buttons. This will be fixed in the next reboot.

      There is some suspicion it could be the disguise plugin we used for Halloween so its being disabled on the next EMC update.
    • Redstone, water, lava lagging
      Spigot claims to have fixed the issue.
    • Anvils can damage people in town
      We figured out how to fix this without Bukkit's help, and it is now fixed.
  2. O_O Anvils damage people!? Oh ICC, come here!!!
  3. Anvils can kill people :D JackBiggin come here!!
  4. I decided to post about it so I stop getting 400 PM's about it haha... We have logs on people being killed by them, so dont do it :) PVP is a permaban on first offense crime.
  5. Did 1.4 limit the number of items we could get from trading?
  6. I believe it did. I used to sell emeralds for 20r a piece but now I raised that because it seems to block trading after a while.
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  7. Wait! I killed myself does that count as PvP?
  8. Nfell2009 placed anvil at ###############
    Nfell2009 was killed by a falling anvil at the same place

    I think they'd sus it out.
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  9. We're just kiddin.
  10. xD

    Im not... Once I get rid of JackBiggin I can become the best helper person in EMC mwhahaha! My plan is working
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  11. Im laughing so hard right now :D
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    They've confirmed this has been fixed in there testing

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  12. And Aikar, you wrecked the flags on residences! Container flags dont work anymore :p
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  13. this made me laugh historically. i doubt i'm not the only one. lol

    this extremely sucks, i noticed that too. =\ oh well.. maybe.. get their monies, and eggify them, place them again, get their monies, eggify them and repeat... does that work?
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  14. Ok apparently the wither skeleton spawn is fixed -- There was one report saying it wasnt but it looks like that guy was commenting on a pre 1.4 fortress not spawning.

    It will still require you to find a fort from 1.4 to make them spawn (So the ones you guys recently found will work again), but it seems anything from 1.3 or before will not spawn them.

    When I get home I'll update our Spigot to contain the fix then well update tonight (Going to go to movies so itll be later tonight)
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  15. What do you mean? Only access signs should be broken but thats fixed in code now.
  16. Appreciated, Aikar.
  17. Yes! I can finally have fun on my res. Time to change Jeanzl's Skin to a road runner...
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  18. actually -- all nether forts MIGHT spawn skeletons, as i dont believe the nethers world gen has changed since 1.2.5 so we may have skeletons on all!
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