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Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Aikar, Oct 28, 2012.

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  1. Bukkit has released a 1.4 build and we have completed some of the work needed to update us.

    No main issues found yet.

    However, we will be waiting at least 24 hours to let some of the bugs and last minute fixes get in place (Quite a bit of fixes already been made after we initially saw it was ready).

    Also, There is currently no way to protect Item Frames yet, however Bukkit has said API will not come till later so we will be working on coding this into a custom build of Bukkit.

    EMC should most likely be updated within 3 days.
    There are currently no plans to limit the Wither boss, as on our Easy difficulty mode, it does very little damage to the wild. Lava buckets, Flint&Steel, Efficiency 4 Pickaxe or even a Creeper does more damage than it.

    We will adjust after updating as we see fit, but as it stands, the Wither is not as big of a deal as thought to be.

    Beacon and Anvil will require use permission and item frames will require build and container.
    Wither already cant be spawned in town/protected areas.

    1. Items will lose their name if put in vault or sold in shop. (Will try to resolve this with release along with written books in vault. But shop sales wont be fixed for while)
    2. Anvils can be blown by TNT outside of residence. (Not worth the lag caused to block this... Please don't intentionally do this Diamond members)
    3. Anvils will not be lockable in the wild. This is due to the fact that they fall down, and someone could just break the block and move it from the lock sign. We will not make it "Float" either.
  2. :D i updated my own server to it earlier.
    I have found no bugs so far, but i will let you know if any arise.
    EDIT: :D first
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  3. Every time I see that we are on easy difficulty mode I cry a bit inside, but other than that, can't wait!
  4. After reading the Note on Bukkit's site. This is about where I imagined EMC would be at. Thanks for the update. :D
  5. Awesome! Edits soon...
  6. No way to protect item frames? Does that mean they can just be destroyed by anyone?
  7. Sweet, just in time for my epic return to EMC.
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  8. Well, 1.4 should be exciting... Can we catch witches? Bats?
  9. Darn it Aikar now I want to become a diamond member to intentionally blow up anvils with TNT outside of residents.
  10. We will be making a custom bukkit build to enable support for it before we update to 1.4
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  11. Now you see, this is why I love EMC, that right there.
    Any other server would be like; "Meh, we can wait"
    But not here.
  12. I just saw one of my favorite TF2 server's Minecraft server updated, then dashed on here to read something like this, yay
  13. Question: Will bats spawn in-town?
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  14. yay! ive been narrowly avoiding the "not now" button for too long!
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  15. I already updated my Minecraft so i can't log into a 1.3 servers.Will my RES be gone before you update the Server? Got a lot of stuff.
  16. No
  17. Don't worry.
  18. Aikar Man Why Do You Temp Me Bro?
  19. Stand down, captain capital. Please dont use slangish words with high officials -_- That would be like going to the vice president of a company, as a cubicle worker, and saying "Whats up dawg?!" -_-
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