1.20.4 and St Patrick's Day Update - 3/17/2024

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  1. No message pops up, just watch for the nametag, and green particles
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  2. Ya it's the same thing but an ingot and horde instead of stash.

    No message that I have seen.
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  3. I had no idea Genghis Khan was Irish :D
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  4. Dang words that are also other words 😂
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  5. psst



  6. I will note here, that there have been reports of some items not stacking and custom recipes getting borked a bit. I am investigating when I have time. :(
  7. Ya I noticed this yesterday with shiny arrows.
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  8. does the leprechaun give u a promo? or is there no promo for st.pats day?
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  9. I was moving heads to storage today and found this problem, specifically with Pig Zombie/PigZombie Heads and Zombified Pig Heads/ I thought they were just being cranky as per usual. Thank you for the sanity check. Lol
  10. 2 different possible promos, Leprechaun Horde or Leprechaun Stash (renamed items)
  11. are they easy to find in waste/wild?
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  12. I've come across four just today. They tend to find you but like another player stated just look for the name tag. I found them in the wild and the waste and have only received the renamed gold nugget, one from each.
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  13. Welcome back MrSocks75!
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  14. Indeed, I couldn't /fixpromo shiny arrows months ago like you can most custom items. I recently started having the same issue with dragon stone fragments and reported the issue due to a prompt to contact senior staff and due to my storage problem.
  15. I haven't verified this by seeking out other bats but I came across a "bat" that was completely disfigured. Basically flying ears.

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  16. Heads and eggs seem to all be affected. Beyond that, I can't see a pattern.
  17. Ya I noticed that same problem when I tried /fixpromo on dragonstone frags and wouldn't allow. Not sure if related to all this other stuff.
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  18. Awesome :D
  19. I saw several bats yesterday and they looked fine
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  20. /fixpromo shouldn't be able to fix anything at all. It doesn't do anything currently. It has fixed everything that it has been programmed to fix.
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