1.17.1 Caves and Cliffs part 1 Update 9/6/21

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  1. Not sure if this is update caused, or an old bug, but I made a moss farm that uses sticky pistons pushing a block down on top of a moss block to break the items that grow on top.. sticky pistons will not break carpets on top of moss. I am in town with all flags set ro default
  2. This is intentional.
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  3. Is it something that could be made vanilla in town? I'm assuming it's an antigrief thing, but if not I'll try to find a work around. Thanks
  4. Hmm, I don't understand the wording of this.
    Sticky pistons are blocked from pushing/retracting carpets/rails on EMC. This is an intentional at this time.
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  5. No worries
  6. The reason behind this Mark is that breaking carpets in that matter is in fact carpet duping, which is against EMC rules. I do get that carpet is now farmable but the mechanics are same with rails. Your intention is innocent however if this mechanic was applied many other items could be duped.

    Hope this helps clarify the reasoning behind it.

    I helped a friend build a mass producing moss farm and he placed 1 moss block 4-5 block above the stone below to be turned to moss. I'm sure you learned any lower and the stone / dirt wont convert. He fed a dispenser into that 1 block which when bonemealed turned the block 4-5 below it to moss. Those block are on a stone gen. I did the timing so water then washed all the carpets, azalea's etc away to hoppers, and was removed fast enough for the next mossing. The stone gen broke moss block to swept away in next wash. This set up is 100% efficient and produces tons of moss. We made sure to build all our redstone of non-mossable block. I used polished diorite.
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  7. I made a smaller version of ilmago's mass one. It has a 1 block gap between the seed moss block and the stone generator. It relied on using a sticky piston pushing an observer down onto the moss block to both break the carpets, and fire the dispensers. I fixed it using a regular piston breaking the carpets, and a repeater firing the dispensers. However it takes up a footprint of 3 blocks instead of ilmago's 2 blocks, lowering efficiency some. I never thought of raising up the seed block to fix it. Ill give that a try
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  8. Not sure if this is a bug or not but it has been experienced by many players now. I first encountered it right at the update but was told it's client side. If a zombie or zombie pigman riding a chicken and the zombie dies the chicken turns turns pink / red and lays on it's side but still moves around. Quite funny to see actually. I get a repeated issue in our wither skeleton farm where the zombie pigman riding a chicken is crushed by suffocating block.

    The chicken stays that way until it despawns and can still move around. Not sure if this has been reported but read a comment where it's better to over report than assume someone else will.
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  9. I think we need video for posterity.
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  10. Yes, please!
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