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  1. So I have played on the 1.10 snapshot. There was a lot of features that were really cool, But there is one Block that caught my interest. That Block is the "Structure Block". This Block Allows you to save a structure (A house for example) and load it wherever you want. I managed to figure out how to use most of the structure blocks features, So here I am sharing how it works. :)
    To get the structure block, you type "/give @p structure_block" (without ").

    "Save Mode": First we must specify the Name of the structure we have created.
    Next we must specify where the corner is using relative coordinates. From here we specify the size of the structure so if I type 5 into each of the boxes asking for the size, then the Structure Block will know that your build is 5 x 5 x 5. Next click "Done", This will show you the blocks that it is about to save with a white outline. If you are happy with the blocks it's about to save, then open the gui and click "Save" and your done. :)

    You can specify coordinates to specify where the command should be run, For example "/setblock 0 0 0 stone" will set down a stone block at the coordinates 0 x 0 x 0. Relative coordinates are basically the same thing, but based off of where the command was run. For example, "/setblock ~ ~5 ~ stone" will set a stone block 5 blocks above you.

    There is also an option called "Show invisible blocks". This allows you to easily see the difference between air blocks and the "Structure Void" block in your structure, more info on the "Structure Void" below. If turned on, Every air block inside the structure will have a little blue box inside of it to make it easier to see. If the block is a "Structure Void" block, it will be highlighted in red.

    "Load Mode": This simply loads the saved structure into your world. No one could have possibly guessed that right? :) To Load it, just simply specify with relative coordinates where you want to put the structure and then click "Load". This will give you a white outline of the space it's about to occupy. Let's say your not happy with how it's about to be placed. What if you want to rotate it 180 degrees for example? That is simple, you just open the gui and click 180 and it should now be rotated. If you want to mirror it, there is a button you can press that does just that. The button looks like this "|". If you are happy with where it's going to be placed then open the gui and click "Load" again. It should now be placed into the world.

    Now that you know how to load in a structure, lets take a look at "Structure Integrity and Seed". Lets say that you want to load in your structure, but you only want random parts of it to spawn in. To do this, you specify inside the left box how much of the structure you want to spawn in. For example, if you want it to Load nothing for some odd reason, then you specify 0. However if you specify 0.5, it will pick 50% of the structure randomly to spawn in. Leaving this at 1 (which is default) or higher will result in the whole structure loading in.

    Next in the box to the right is the structure seed, this is basically just like a world seed. Using the seed 65 for example will generate the structure the exact same way every time. However this depends on how much you specify inside the integrity box as well. So if you specify the seed 65 but only have 0 inside the integrity box, than the result will be that nothing generates while 0.4 with the seed 65 generates 40% of the structure and it's the same every time.

    "Corner Mode": This is an easier way to select what you want to save rather than using relative coordinates. To select your structure, just place the "Structure Block" (set to "Corner Mode" with the name of the structure inside.) on all sides of your structure. Next Return to your Save "Structure Block" and click "Detect" (Note: Make sure the the Corner Structure Blocks name matches the Save Structure Blocks name.). The Result should be that the structure is selected without the use of relative coordinates as I said earlier.

    "Data Mode": I am currently not sure how to use this. I thought it would edit the data of a chest for example, But I am now finding that "Load Mode" already accomplishes that?
    If anyone figures it out, I will post it here giving them credit.

    "Structure Void": This is a block which I think I should mention as it works together with the "Structure Block". To get this block, you type "/give @p structure_void" (without "). Normally, Air blocks in a structure will overwrite any block. So if there was stone where you are about to place the structure, it will be overwritten. However, If you place a "Structure Void" block in place of that air block and then go to load it in, the air block will not overwrite the stone.

    So that is the purpose of "Structure Void", but I can't help notice that it's similar to the piston extension block. This means it could be used for a lot of the same builds that the piston extension is used for and also is not as buggy of a block. Do note though that it does have a hitbox unlike the piston extension and it's about the size of a player head from what I can tell. Also worth noting is that I don't know of a way to actually place the "Structure Void" block with a "Structure Block" as it places nothing instead, so in that sense the piston extension block will still be useful.

    Wrapping Up: Before I forget, You can also share structures with your friends and have them put it in their structure folder located in their world save folder. It is meant to be used as a tool for map makers and a replacement for one command creations. So yea, This Block is really cool. As I mess with command blocks a lot, it will definitely be useful. If you discover something else about the blocks that I missed, feel free to say so here.

    P.S. Did I do an OK job explaining the new blocks?

    Thanks for reading!!! :)

    *EDIT* There is currently a bug that causes the structure folder to not appear in the world save folder. Searge claims to have fixed this problem and it will be in the next snapshot. Source https://twitter.com/SeargeDP/status/734131970930794496
    It was fixed :)
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  2. Schematica in vanilla but even harder to use. :)
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  4. Wow, nicely done!
    That's a very good explanation, definitely better than I would've been able to do it! :)
    I love this addition to Minecraft, it will be very useful indeed!
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  5. Another Bump!
  6. It is good, a very useful addition and such. But it also leaves me with a little uncomfortable feeling. Now; I am just sharing my opinion: I do not look for a discussion. Don't bother discussing: this is Superi0n's thread, not mine. So I won't respond because I refuse to risk derailing it. (thats for another place & another time IMO).

    But I will say this...

    The Minecraft EULA pretty much blocks (tries to) anyone from using Mojangs work. If you set up an awesome server such as EMC and then try to monetize this a little bit to get a bit of cost relief then Mojang gives out a strong impression that they do not like this. Even though you make it pretty obvious (in my opinion) that you're not Mojang not operating on their behalf.

    So why the bad feeling?

    Because I can't help feel that Mojang is doing different stuff from what they're saying. Sure; this is a good block but it's also something which more or less exists already. Heck: in a way this is comparable to the new (new for 1.8) /fill command. A feature which also existed before it got added.

    This is not a fair comment you guys, and I know. But I cannot help feel that Mojang is happily using other player ideas and sometimes even their work (structure block, /fill & /replaceitem commands) but when players want to use theirs (even when its actually in their own benefit) they want something different (think EULA).

    But that's just me.

    Looking at the block itself I think this is awesome. Just like I really enjoy having the /fill command (seriously). It helps vanilla based players to gain a bit more advanced options, and thats pretty cool IMO.

    And yeah: nice tutorial!
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  7. That is definitely very true. I don't think most mod makers would mind, but I'd definitely understand if they did.
    That was a good point to make, thanks!

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  8. I wrote something but to stick with Shel's wishes and not to derail this thread any further I'll keep it bottled until I have more time to go into my thoughts more. Thanks for pointing this out Shel. :)
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  9. Update! :)
    I added a small bit of info that I should have added when I made this post about "Save Mode". I also added info about a bug that is supposed to be fixed in the next snapshot. I guess we will have to wait and see to find out if that's true. :p
  10. Update #2!

    I added some info explaining what "Structure Integrity and Seed" does in "Load Mode". :)
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