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  1. Hello all fellow EMC members, i was banned about a week ago and i was given a second chance. I was told that all my items were lost, i was like "Cool, i deserved that anyways" thinking that i would only loose my awesome stuff in my inventory. but no, i get back online and finish the Question tutorial thing, and EVERYTHING IVE EVER MADE, legit or not, was gone. i had used a few apparently banned mods, so i was okay with the fact that i was banned for a week. but LOSING EVERYTHING I HAVE... thats a bit much. Being a server operator on other servers, i know that this is not undoable... but REALLY??? i flied for about 2 days only to get into the wilderness a bit farther, and i am BANNED WITHOUT WARNING- then all my items destroyed- forced to do the tutorial again- JUST TO FIGURE OUT THAT my newly built res is GONE, i had worked on that res for 4 days on end to make it nice for my shops (This was all legit) Also all the prework i had done the months before is gone as well is gone. the only non legit items i had was the iron, wood, and few diamonds in my inventory i had on me when i was banned without warning. Come on EMC, being banned without warning? really? and on top of that having all my items destoyed? That is screwed up. Dont get me wrong, i am greatfull for the unban, and the new start... but how much do i really WANT To start new now? I mean, after working for months on a server, and someone taking all of it away as a WARNING? No, really being banned is almost just as bad... :( < dont take that last sentence as a "please ban me" request sort of thing.
  2. Well, now you can start totally new. Make a name for yourself.
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  3. a ban isnt a warning, its a punishment for breaking the rules, you're 31 years old, unless you lied about your age, you should understand by now that rules need to be followed or else there are consequences.
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  4. You seem to be skipping over the fact that the whole reset was your punishment.
  5. My mission: Like every post that informs this user of the new perma ban stance in this thread.
  6. Guys, i read that, and i am not saying that it is not important, i am just genuinely angry about it considering I think the warning was necessary and i could be kicked and forced to loose my current items and such, Also with the addition of being forced to get rid of the flying mods and such, which i did.

    From what i see, its that overall you guys have not understood the purpose of this post. And i am sorry for not making it clear enough.
  7. But was that really necessary without even 1 warning?
  8. There is nothing to be warned about, it is a straight up bannable offence.
  9. Everything was going jolly good until the incident. I had never broken an EMC rule before in my entire EMC career, not that i know of, of course.
  10. Yes it was. You were using a fly hack, which is banned from EMC. I use zombe's fly mod for some single player testing things and servers where it is allowed. I disable it for EMC.
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  11. I do not agree, thus the purpose of this thread, but YES i do understand that my persional opinion means nothing in the world of EMC
  12. Well now you did.
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  13. Opinions do not change the rules.
    But everyone's opinion is taken seriously.
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  14. There used to be warnings but warnings weren't doing anything to solve the illegal mods on the server and teaching players a lesson on what they did

    From ICC,

    Hello Everyone,

    We've been way to nice, and we're sorry for that. I know that sounds odd, but you'll get it in a second. We've always had the stance as EMC staff that people can change and deserve second chances. It works sometimes and other times it doesn't. It was brought to our attention on why it's possible that it DOESN'T work on some people.
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  15. Once again, i do not agree. I used these "fly hacks" mainly in Single Player due to the fact Zombies fly mod does not work with my operating system. And i got too careless and decided to try them in multiplayer. Which was a mistake, but a mistake was taken to the farthest extreme in this case, which was not necessary in my point of view, which clearly doesnt matter in the world of EMC.
  16. if u read the rules....
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  17. It is a straight up bannable offence. Get that into your head, and stop complaining and go do what you came here for:
    Exploring and building. Not hacking and cheating and then saying
    'I should have been warned first'
    when you knew full-well it was an illegal mod. Did you see anybody else using it or talking about it? No, you did not. Therefore you do not use it in any form with no excuses.
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  18. Your a cheater. Your lucky your allowed back. Live with it or find somewhere else to play! :)
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