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Dec 1, 2019
Mar 6, 2012
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Philadelphia, P.a
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Esteemed Member, Male, from Philadelphia, P.a

So I guess I am back for the next few days, if you see me around stop and say hello and let's catch-up :) Nov 26, 2019

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Dec 1, 2019
    1. Windylava
      I Really Hope my school won Pep-Rally today. GO 2016! 2016! 2016!
    2. canacx
      Just Wanted to let you Know ive Started Playing Again Windy
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    3. Rocket_Stone
      Hey so you know, I'm not going to come back ever, this is me saying goodbye. I have a lot of responsabilities now which wont allow me to play on the server so I hope you are doing great and that you have a lot of fun. Take care Friend <3
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    4. Windylava
      Can't wait so pumped for this MONDAY NIGH JEOPARDY. Two whole cash prizes of 10k :O It's unreal. Writing the questions as we speak lol.
    5. SSRCcorp
      New Update! 3768- Subway Terminal 3767-Hotel 3766-Park 3214- New skysraper 3655-SSRC mall 3560- SSRC factory
      3659-HQ plus many more. We are always growing and your support is above value to us! :D
    6. drewzilla95
      hey get on smp2 when you can
    7. wwii1992
      Sorry about that, thought I logged off to cook dinner, nope.
    8. Windylava
      Res updates: 3655-restocking 3661-hospial (proj) 3468-office building (proj), 3561-last SSRC skyscraper (proj) 3659-walls completed. (proj)
    9. Windylava
      making a video of SMP2
    10. lemonade54
      wat do u mean DEAD?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!
      1. Windylava
        SMP2's average online population is like 1-3 ppl
        Oct 29, 2013
      2. lemonade54
        that sucks mine updated on accident so i cant play tho
        Oct 30, 2013
    11. Windylava
      I hate this, I've had so many memories on SMP2 and all of my stuff is there.Now SMP2 is dead. If SMP2 stays dead like this i'm going to quit
      1. Roslyn
        Why do you think I moved Smps?
        Oct 29, 2013
      2. Windylava
        south but thats kinda the problem every decied to leave and now there is noone on
        Oct 29, 2013
    12. LittleJimSlade
      hey, about the drop party, can you move it to like utopia? me and my friends would love to come but we live 10k blocks out of spawn on smp2, if you could please move it to utopia or any other emc server that would be greatly apresheated
    13. Windylava
      Drop Party Is going to be Sunday 20th on SMP2 res 3883, Reception with Free refreshments. Sorry for the Inconvenience guys :(
    14. Windylava
      Drop Party Rescheduled Sorry guys,
    15. Wanderton
      Hello. Are you still looking to buy Quarts blockz? I don't quite have a DC but I haven't mined all my Quartz Ore. I will mine it if you're still buying a DC for 66k. Let me know either way please. Thanks!
      1. Windylava
        Nah I'm tryign to get a DC for 50k people say that 50k is a little high for SMP2 standards do I'm still going with 50k sorry :(
        Oct 13, 2013
      2. Wanderton
        Alright. Thanks for replying!
        Oct 13, 2013
    16. Windylava
      Reopening SSRC Preparing for largest drop party i've ever done
    17. wwii1992
      Windy, gonna be gone for awhile, going on a business trip, have run, all my stuff is yours. Leo tell sweet explo bye for me.
      1. windylava likes this.
    18. wwii1992
      SSRC Needs its priorities straight, I do no think we should have a shop on SMP8 until 3559 and the one in SMP9 are finished. That's just stretching our line way way to thin. We already are having enough of a hard time now. I think we shouldn't start stocking on SMP8. Build it. We should wait to stock it.
      1. windylava likes this.
      2. Windylava
        good thing this is in the past, We've consolidated an now we got are prioritizes straight, Helping others.
        Jul 7, 2014
    19. Windylava
      SSRC Railroad terminal Is at 3561, the biggest problem with the railroad is the it's gonna cost 10k every time i cross a road. :(
      1. xI_LIKE_A_PIGx likes this.
      2. DemonThunder345
        Ill donate
        Jun 19, 2013
    20. Windylava
      Started building SMP2's first Railroad, It will wind through all of my res's and a few of my friends. I wish i could make it longer tho. :(
      1. xI_LIKE_A_PIGx likes this.
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    SSRC - SMP2 Supportive Re-investment Corporation
    "United we build, together we thrive" - SSRC President Windylava


    Philadelphia, P.a
    Political Activist
    Owner of SSRC One of the largest companies on SMP2
    I started off very small just working with friends but as we grew we expanded and we decided to change our mission, we weren't going to just be a building company, we decided to set our sights upon improving everyone's experience on EMC. Now we own hotels, malls/shops, a building company, factories, and more.

    All of this funds us so we can fulfill our mission
    - To help others for free -
    We rarely ask for anything in return, to me helping people to get the supplies they need so they can build great structures is payment in full for me. If you ever need anything, doesn't matter what SMP, message me or find me in game and I will gladly work hard to help you!

    Long Live SSRC and EMC