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  1. Lately I've been experiencing a rather disturbing development on EMC. Especially on SMP2.


    This might be new to alot of people, however I'm putting it out there because it's starting to affect me playing EMC. SSRC is a Corporation that has been in the eastern portion of SMP2 for a long time. I personally, have always loved cities and have been amazed be skyscrapers.

    So when I came onto EMC I wanted to build my own city. I settled just south of Krysyy's amazing 4 res mall on smp2 and ever since then I've grown. I will admit when I was younger I used to pick fights with people and throughout my real life I've experienced many back stabs.

    So recently, I've tried to help out SMP2 anyway I could. I built a huge horse stadium that spans two res's, built The Seattle Space Needle, and helped a friend shade554 build the Empire State Building.

    Now where the problem begins is with a couple of rumors an statements made about SSRC that I would like to address because they are far from the truth.

    1. "SSRC is building near Poof's Mall to cause lag and to drive more business to my own mall."
    -This allegation was bought up by two people and even still today I hear about it. My mission has always been to build a city and help out SMP2. Poof's great mall, is on the outskirts of my district and I personally have never really had a problem with her mall. Also, I care very little for my own mall. Mostly cause I've never depended on money. My friends have usually helped me build my res's up and atm I only have 450,000r which is the most money I've ever had in 3 years of playing. My mall only exists to help improve the SMP2 economy. In addition, the lag that people accused me of causing was from the item frames and the amount of items Poof had in shop. She is however fixing this and I hope that these allegations will stop.

    2. "SSRC's Building are flat, unattractive, and boring."
    - I would like to respond to this statement as first, mean and rude. I have poured my heart and soul into my builds and I treat them like my children. Yes we are all entitled to our own opinion however I don't think you should share it if it's only going to hurt people. I've been on EMC for over 3 years and my buildings have gotten better over time, as I've learned more and more an have had more wealth to spend on grander structures.

    3."A city looks weird amongst the other res's on SMP2"
    -This interferes with the Play your way slogan of EMC. My res's as long as they aren't obscene or breaking any rules are allowed to exist. I would like people to stop trying to tell others how to build their res's and that at the end of the day we are all here for different reasons.
    4. "Well why haven't you reported the people"
    -The main reason is that the people who've said these things have been careful to just barely be within what's ok on EMC. However, the Mental harassment and abuse I feel is very real from this assault. SSRC is my life on EMC, I love it like a child. So when someone is attacking it I can't help but feel hurt.

    My Final point is, SSRC is strong and we'll ignore these attempts to provoke anger and resentment. I will however let the community know about these developments as it will hopefully make people stop harrasing us. SSRC just want's to be left alone to build and help SMP2 and EMC. There are no hidden motives.

    If you feel that SSRC is in someway doing something that at anytime offends you, Please pm me, I want to talk it out. Most problems arise for lack of communication, so Please if you have any questions comment below and I'll try to answer them.

    p.s. Poof's shop is an amazing one that has always been there to help out EMC and smp2. You can visit it at /v +Poof on SMP2.
  2. i read it and i am glad you are not going to bow to these rumors but can you make the text that is blue someother color it is really hard to read
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  3. Thank you, and I hope that helps :)
  4. One of the explanations someone used to accuse me of causing lag, was that there we too many Air blocks :3 They were referring to a skyscraper that is no more than a shell. (barely even 4 walls)
  5. Tsk Tsk for that idiot...
    if air caused lag then Minecraft would crash all the time...
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  6. Seems like this is the sort of thing better addressed in-game to the people spreading the rumors, not thrown on the forums as an invitation for drama & bickering. But seeing as I remember the PR disaster that was your SMP8 mall attempt, I will say good on you for trying to clear the air and sort things out.

    *makes long post about attempts at provocation*
    "We'll ignore these attempts..."

    No offense intended, but the irony of that bit does amuse me. :D
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  7. Preach it brother.
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  8. I completly understand where you are comming from, but at this point I don't want to start drama. I just wanted people to know. Concerning what happened on SMP8, yea it was a disaster, but one I've learned from. That's why I'm trying to clear the air like you said :)
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  9. Wow, drama on smp2? Nooooooooo
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  10. What is smp2? lol jk, Glad you came out to this, and I might be able to take a swing by before 6:30 AM EMC Time... (hopefully)
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  11. Up until now I've never heard of SSRC, sounds cool :p Don't let the haters get to you.
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  12. something I have to tell myself some days ;)
  13. Thank you guys so much! <3 you don't know how much this kind of support mean :D
  14. Read my mind
  15. I'm so glad you all are here to offer comfort and support to someone who's clearly having a bad time, instead of simply telling them how they can handle their business better. Bravo.
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  16. How dare people try to give constructive criticism instead of meaningless condolences. Uh... wait... purple
  17. Oh, look, it's the [CARE] that I give. Watch, as it flies into the sunset.
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  18. Not to be slightly judgemental but I have talked in town chat with the mentioned people. There comes a point where I had to stop wasting my time, and instead began doing damage control because of these rumors.
  19. I was referring to the posts here, I have no clue your history with this issue except what you said here and as I said, kephras pretty much nailed it. Buffalo's comment made absolutely no sense to me though.
  20. Well I don't agree with that it's just an issue that should be addressed in town. So I don't think that part was exactly correct. If I thought that it should've just been adressed in town, than I wouldn't have made the thread.