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May 5, 2020
Mar 6, 2012
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Philadelphia, P.a
Political Activist

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Dedicated Member, Male, from Philadelphia, P.a

People talk about the freshman 15 but no one told me about the COVID 19 Mar 30, 2020

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May 5, 2020
    1. Windylava
      ugh this sweat jacket makes me look fat
      1. Roslyn
        At least you got a nice sweat jacket , I need to buy myself some lol the ones I have are too small now
        Feb 8, 2013
      2. Windylava
        Feb 17, 2013
    2. Windylava
      Construction is almost done and were expecting to have a grand opening Ceromony on Sat. around mid noon
    3. Windylava
      Partnered up with Julyloveyou Woot WOOT! now we both control SSRC
    4. Windylava
      Building HQ for SSRC at 3659 Please donate it goes to help out all of smp2
    5. Windylava
      :( sad very very sad
    6. Windylava
      ill be having a free Give away ill hide Valuable Resources in chests on my res & It will be a race 2 see who can Get em first on sept 6 2012
    7. Windylava
      Building The World Trade Center At res 3940 Stop by sometime and im Working on my shop so stop by a;so at 4298 :)
    8. Windylava
      Playing on SMP2 Building skyscrapers for new downtown. Fun times :D
    9. Windylava
      Smp2 That's Were I want to be living in emc (music))
    10. Windylava
      building new casino
    11. Windylava
      hey everyone Head to my res for great hotel 4298! smp2
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    SSRC - SMP2 Supportive Re-investment Corporation
    "United we build, together we thrive" - SSRC President Windylava


    Philadelphia, P.a
    Political Activist
    Owner of SSRC One of the largest companies on SMP2
    I started off very small just working with friends but as we grew we expanded and we decided to change our mission, we weren't going to just be a building company, we decided to set our sights upon improving everyone's experience on EMC. Now we own hotels, malls/shops, a building company, factories, and more.

    All of this funds us so we can fulfill our mission
    - To help others for free -
    We rarely ask for anything in return, to me helping people to get the supplies they need so they can build great structures is payment in full for me. If you ever need anything, doesn't matter what SMP, message me or find me in game and I will gladly work hard to help you!

    Long Live SSRC and EMC