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Mar 1, 2020
Mar 1, 2014
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going through some of my stuff to lighten up so i can organize for display while laptop is in the shop and cant build. going to sell a spare diamond voucher if anyone wants to start Jan 13, 2020

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Mar 1, 2020
    1. 820327
      alright so im so burnt out of mining lately due to mass mining quartz i cant do anymore mining of any sorts right now though i still need
      1. 820327
        materials. anyone that wants to make some money i am in need of 5 dcs of each diorite and andesite let me know what price you will sell to me at
        Jun 12, 2015
      2. haastregt
        *remembers mining 3 SC quartz blocks*
        *alse remembers mining 10 stacks quartz blocks and falling in lava*
        I know how it feels man...
        Jun 12, 2015
    2. 820327
      so....how much are those new 1.8 stones worth by the dc now days?...
      1. SkyDragonv8 likes this.
      2. Unoski
        I would only assume a smidge higher than cobblestone and/or stone.
        Jun 11, 2015
    3. 820327
      forgot to add a price for the below items. 80k for the whole dc but can be bought in 9 stack quantities
    4. 820327
      selling a dc of iron blocks let me know if you would like. not worth making a forum post for just that
    5. 820327
      selling a dcs worth of unbreak3 books can be sold individual or all together let me know if any of you would like to purchase some
      1. 820327
        alright so that dc is sold already....sorry if anyone needed them
        Jun 1, 2015
    6. 820327
      will be part of my photo album like ive done for past builds
    7. 820327
      looking for someone really good with getting pictures of builds. it is of a build im soon to take down but would like one that is rendered
    8. 820327
      alright buying dcs of sea lanterns. 100k per. possibly 110k per quartz dc
    9. 820327
      anyone feel like making some money? well you can take mine in return for quartz blocks or ore ;p im in desperate need
    10. DavetheWaffle
      your avatar omg
      1. 820327
        ikr someone shaved off my mustache D:
        May 17, 2015
    11. Olaf_C
      If you want to talk about cars , let me know. I have a decent sized knowledge of the car market.
    12. 820327
      anyone know of the location of one of the water temples :p willing to pay to be able to mine there for prismarine
      1. jkjkjk182
        If you unignore me in game, I will let you know of one that has just the top mined off of it.
        May 6, 2015
      2. 820327
        :o i wasnt aware i had anyone ignored in game.....
        May 7, 2015
    13. DavetheWaffle
      you sir wear a fine hat.
    14. 820327
      anyone want to buy my smp5 castle? if not im thinking of destroying it and making something new or having a grief party. let me know
      1. Matherox
        What do you mean by "sell?"
        Apr 29, 2015
      2. 820327
        i would basically have someone pay me and they would get the full perms of the res as i really dont feel like making it again elsewhere lol. or someone can download it and build elsewhere but pay just a smaller price for the design
        Apr 29, 2015
      3. Matherox
        Selling flags aren't allowed?
        Apr 29, 2015
    15. 72Volt
      What have you been doing with Concordia?
      1. 820327
        nothing as of the past month but before that i was doing some hidden projects. the past month i havnt done much of anything with mc outside of some builds that were needed due to work and school that ive had to focus on
        Apr 4, 2015
    16. 820327
      well back into mc now.....been out past few days almost a week actually internet issues to the max
      1. Cfcdog13
        Welcome back good sir!
        Mar 25, 2015
      2. Matherox
        Mar 27, 2015
    17. Mirr0rr
      Happy birthday.
      1. 820327
        O_o thanks...but its not my birthday XD
        Mar 22, 2015
    18. 820327
      selling leather anyways. i have 2 dcs im willing to sell atm 25k per for now though willing to drop price pm me if you would like to purchas
      1. 820327
        x3 is what i meant not just 2
        Mar 6, 2015
    19. 820327
      would anyone be interested in buying by the bulk possibly? not sure on price though maybe some of you know, though i do havesomepricesinmind
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