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  1. Welcome to Number Guys bulk supply services!

    I am currently taking orders of all kinds. just contact me in game or PM me here on the website about what you are looking at purchasing and if you would like let me know what price range you are looking for and i will contact you back letting you know the price and if i will be able to complete it (most orders will be taken care of ) very few may not

    Leave a PM for me or post below if you have any ideas/suggestions that will make this go better as well
  2. alright bulk supply now open!
  3. May I buy a DC of spruce logs?
    And is delivery included free? Or paid or not an option
  4. i can deliver for free
  5. Ok il buy a DC of spruce wood for 5k il pay on Monday be there on smp4 4:00PM so I can pay you
  6. One DC of dark oak and one DC of acacia please.
  7. can i get a DC of oak and a DC of birch logs please
  8. sorry i guess the message didnt go through but due to issues and so much going on irl i cant do any orders atm. again im really sorry but i was not aware that my message didnt go through. but i can get the dc of birch and dark oak through to u. oak is out of stock atm due to selling it a few days ago a couple dcs. but cant take any more orders after this for about a week
  9. Currently added a DC of glowstone if anyone would like to purchase. you can buy in a SC if you would like
  10. alright so i would like to start by giving a big thanks to all those players out there that have chosen my bulk supply to get them their items. though it may not seem like ive gotten many orders i have gotten so many i could barely keep up, all of the orders being given in game. im currently working on yet more orders and still getting them in, some harder than others but im still getting them pushed out there to those that are needing. I have given it much thought lately that i will probably now expand to offer more of a variety of items including bulk potions (just have to spend a few days getting the supplies and setting up storage) if anyone would like to place any orders i would prefer in game but if you have to place them here. again thanks for so many orders and good day

  11. Hate to bother you on the forum, but I just realized you had a bulk supply thing, and also realized I missed you by an hour in game. x_x I have a tough order, if you're willing to do it. I need 10 DC's of jungle leaves. Don't have to have them all at once, and no time limit. Please tell me if you can do this, and if so, what your price is.
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  12. alright so i had taken a small break from orders due to some builds i was doing and im still working on 1 build currently. but i am still taking orders though ive made one main change being i am not taking wood orders atm though im still taking orders for whatever other item you guys need including nether blocks. let me know if anyone needs anything. and im glad to have helped you with your order ArtemisV :) and a few others large wood supply needs
  13. I do not need this order anymore...

    Something I do need is 3 double chests of glass.
  14. sure thing will get to you very soon
  15. Can I get a frame on what a DC of sand would cost?
  16. 4k for sand 5k for glass. i can work with you though depending on how much u are needing things like that
  17. how much is it per DC of stone?
  18. would it be possible for me to place an order for 10DC?
  19. sure thing. ill get started very soon, ill pm you when ready