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  1. I know there are some of you out there that have thought "what to build....what to build.....". Well there will no longer be any more of that out there as I come to you with the perfect solution to your minds going crazy not knowing what you will build in your plots! I present you with "Number Guy's building service". When I am done building, you (the customer) will be very happy with the results guaranteed.

    reason being is I would like to show what I am capable of on a plot that size. if you are interested also PM me and I will let you know what i have planned and a price which will be much smaller than what you usually expect because it is pre planned. i will include what you will get every detail
    What you need to do:
    (Send me a PM on here using the below format)
    * Your res number and what server it is located on
    * What type of build you would like created
    * What part of your plot you want filled/size

    When you send the PM i will reply with what the price is and from there you will choose to either proceed or decline. reason i am not posting prices is because depending on the size of the build you are wanting the price can vary greatly as well. i will also visit your plot ahead of time so if you would like you can also include some sort of markers to show the size.

    If you would like you can include some sort of picture you want as a reference for me to go off of

    Below are a few of my past builds that i have done

    The payment must be sent before i begin building and this can be done however you choose even if i am not on the server

    I can but don't usually create the interiors of builds/homes but i can if you possibly want it done along with the build but you must let me know before i start building. For now i will not be making malls due to I'm just starting and don't know what the requests will be like. If i do get enough people asking to put prices up on front page then i will do so along with any other information that people want but for now things will stand as listed

    Thanks and good day -820327

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  2. This post is now fully updated so check it out!
    Btw check out my plot on SMP5 plot 10492 for my most recent and only build so far on EMC. interior is on hold due to my other services
  3. wowzers...any input on anything? :confused: so quiet on here
    also as far as the builds with terrain built, it is all done by hand no world edit or voxelsniper
  4. Wow, your building is amazing! I will definitely be going to you for any building projects. We need more builders on this server!
  5. Lol.. number guy lol
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  6. XD it was a nickname everyone used on another server that i was with for a while
  7. What is your pricing like? As in what would a full 60x60 res cost? Also, I was wondering if you can decorate the interior of my home, it's built but is fairly empty inside.
  8. PM me what you would like on your plot as far as what type of building. And yes in the pm include your server # and plot please. ill check it out ASAP and get back to you
  9. anyone up for getting a makeover for their utopia plot? i have a huge setup planned for far less cheaper than it will be worth for right now. if you are interested just post here and i will PM you the details of what all you will get along with screenshots of some of the things.
  10. alright so i have recently gotten a signature done so it will be easier for everyone to navigate through things as in for my company i will soon finally start and this building/private message
  11. I still say your work is impressive, because me, I'm just a simple farmer, with just a simple little Ranch! ;)
  12. alright so i was thinking....maybe instead of players just seeking me out for something they needed/wanted built what if i were to just post a theme here and people PM me if they are interested and then go from here. tell me what you guys/gals think because i have so many build ideas and i wanna get them out and built before i explode!
  13. That would actually be a very good idea. Seeing as most people I've encountered want something built, but have no idea how to build it, or even what to build. (Hence why they pay someone else to build it).
    You should be telling them what they should build, and they just nod and pay. :)

    I am a very practical person. So for me, any build must have a purpose. :) People get tired of me asking for more details on what they want the build to do. :) I've found it more effective to simply tell them what I build will do/be. lol
  14. wow very well said, thanks for the feedback! will keep this in mind and hopefully get somewhere very soon.
  15. just letting you all know im still alive in case you think this is no longer active it is. been completing alot of orders some even really large
  16. alright so im almost done with my most recent build for someone, it is the first megamall ive built here on emc and i will post some pictures to show how it turned out. also letting everyone know that im currently still taking building jobs no matter what you want built :) just let me know what you want/the size/and what blocks you want the build made of. as far as prices go im pretty flexible and ill usually take the price u come up with as long as it isnt low balling it.
  17. I am a downright terrible builder. I cannot wait to see what you come up with!
  18. Hey Numbers ik this is an old thread but is it still up?
  19. yea and no. i made a new thread stating something new i came up with and i think i will stay with that. basically been really busy with work and all so decided to basically build designs when i can then present them in my newer thread. once i do that then the design is up for taking by whoever wants to buy then i can remake on emc.